Men's Fashion Ideas That Are Inspired by Interior Décor cover

Men’s Fashion Ideas That Are Inspired by Interior Décor

Over the past decade, there was a prominent difference between the interior décor and the runways collection. Today, the world of the interior has become a significant inspiration for the fashion arena; you would be seeing many fashion designers are embracing the current trends of interior design and creating jaw-dropping clothing.

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The connection between interior design and the fashion world is becoming stronger over time. Fashion gurus and interior designers have joined hands to offer an innovative collection to clients. As new collections are coming out each season, you will see much of the launched items translating the interior design trends. While people are talking about it a lot these days, such conversations are more about women’s style.

“English Gentleman” Top model David Gandy fronts new cover for GQ Mexico October 2016 Issue the story photography by Richard Ramos and styled by Lorna McGee. Art Direction by Fernando Carrillo and Alonso Parra and grooming by Larry King.

If you talk about interior design trends, the feminine décor styles have dominated the industry for the past few years. From palm lead prints to statement art, all of these feminine décor styles are going out of vogue. Now, you will see interior décor styles reflecting men’s style, which is eventually setting up new fashion trends for men in the world of fashion. If you are a fashion geek and looking for appealing ideas, here is what you need to know!

Monochromatic Is a New Flair

In the world of interior design, adding a monochromatic theme is not a new thing. From drapes to furniture, you probably have seen monochromatic décor. Be it black or navy blue; many people have incorporated the same colored décor theme into their homes. When it comes to men’s fashion, you will see a similar trend around. It is not about all blue, rather there are many more colors that fashion designers are adopting to create the bespoke collection this fall. 

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No doubt, wearing a one-shade suit is an incredible way to spice up the typical silhouette. It not only brings a sophisticated yet chic flair to your personality but also makes you stand out among the public. However, it is important to mention here that blue, black, and white shades have long been celebrated. Therefore, fashion designers have integrated other colors in their runways collections. So, whether you want to get a formal dress or casual one, keep this in mind while shopping. 

Marble Prints Are Dominating the Fashion World

Marble, a material that mesmerizes people with its timeless style and elegant flair, has made its way to the fashion world after becoming a top choice in the world of interior design. It might have surprised you, but the unique textures and attractive colors of the material made fashion designers blend the beautiful aesthetics of this particular material in their collections. From ties and shoes to backpacks and clothing, it has mingled well with fashion style and astonished people with its unique appearance.  

Although different types of marble are widely used in interior décor, the trend has spread to various industries, including the fashion world. Today, you will find topnotch brands and high profile designers incorporating marble textures and colors into their clothing collections. Not only this, they have features the marbleous trend in different fashion accessories, including wristwatch, cufflinks, and even ties. 

Blue Hues Are Still Inspiration for Some

The last season’s fashion trends were translating a message to escape to the countryside. On the other hand, the interior design industry was long celebrating oceanic blue themes. However, the fall is all about enjoying cozy, warm days. Whether you talk about interior décor or fashion arena, both have not bid goodbye to blue tones yet.

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While palette of Aegean blue was dominating spring’s collection, this fall fashion designers incorporated denim to celebrate the same color but with different hues. Instead of flannel, most designers have launched collections including denim. From neat 60s-style denim clothing to oversized denim chore jackets, the new men’s style is depicting a complete blue flair with camp collars and patch pockets coupled with slim-cut double denim jeans.  

How Long Will These Trends Stay?

While there is a buzz around for how interior design trends are influencing and inspiring the fashion world, fashion geeks must brace up to embrace new collections reflecting the captivating flair of interior décor. We mentioned the three prevailing trends borrowed from the world of interior design above. Whether you adopt monochromatic style in your clothing or living, it will convey elegance and decadence. 

GQ Style Germany presents the work of Bel Weller, styling by Luke Day and featuring Robertas Aukstuolis from Select Model in “Treue Gefährten”.

However, the blue hues incorporate sleek elements into your style, making you appear sophisticated. When it comes to marble textures and colors, it is increasingly becoming popular in the fashion industry. Many fashion designers have embraced such textures and colors make their collection look more creative and unique. Although these trends are becoming widely popular, the marble prints and colors tend to stay longer in the industry.

Final Word

There is no denying that the fashion world is evolving continuously. You probably have seen new trends emerging on the runways. While marble-fashion is likely to last for longer, it is essential to keep an eye on new collections to stay updated with the new flair!

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