Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

The First Encounter: Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

The First Encounter: Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems in London

Fitness model Jordan Torres meets in London photographer Daniel Jaems. The result was this, we can describe it as “you can explore the body of Jordan through the pics.”

JT will always push himself to be the best he can be and won’t settle for anything less. If you tell him his dreams are silly, he’ll make sure to show you (and more importantly himself) that achieving them is no issue.

Jordan continues to work each and every day to perfect his crafts, grow as a person, and move forward. Things are just getting started for JT and you’d be a fool to think he’s going to slow down anytime soon.

Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

A month ago Daniel presented a gallery of his best imagery collaboration with fraems.com titled One Tree Planted and all the proceeds go towards planting trees. 30,000.

Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

One Tree Planted

Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

With 270K followers Jordan proves his one of the wanted fitness model we want to see now and then.

His internal motivation comes in big part from losing two older brothers to the all too familiar violence that affects so many in the Bronx.

Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

Jordan has each of their names tattooed on the inside of his wrists as a reminder. Whenever he wants to put his head down, he sees their names and is reminded to always keep his head up.

But it doesn’t end with his brothers – his mom is also a huge source of inspiration. He describes her as “the most important person in the world.” She built herself up from next to nothing and raised Jordan as a single parent.

Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

JT’s path to success started while sitting in class one day when a group of older students walked in to recruit new players for a local rugby club. He knew a few of those older guys and decided to give it a shot.

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Even with his success in rugby, JT still knew there was always a chance of him never making it out of the hood. He remembers still hanging out with the wrong crowds and getting caught up in the wrong scenes.

Jordan Torres by Daniel Jaems

Modeling has opened up even more doors for JT and he feels like he’s just getting started. His next career path to dominate? Acting, of course. And it won’t stop there.

Model Jordan Torres @officialjt
Photographer Daniel Jaems @danieljaems 

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  1. You can tell under all the bravado there’s a softy. JT never looked better and that’s hard to do cause he always looks So Good. Daniel Jaems knows what we want and like always delivers. I’d love to see all the outtakes, it looks like a fun shoot to boot!

  2. what nice exploration!

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