Lower Your Stress Level By Following These 5 Simple Steps

With the overwhelming demands of life, it’s inevitable to feel stressed up at times. Sometimes it’s a situation demanding too much of your attention. Other times you’re going through a rough patch or have fallen out with a loved one. 

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Whatever the source of stress, it’s crucial to know how to lower stress levels. This is especially true for things you have little or no control over. Adding preventive stress management tactics into your lifestyle makes it easier to identify and handle stressful situations. 

With the following simple steps, you can invite peace and harmony in your life. 

  • Practice Deep Breathing

This works best at the heat of the moment. Stress relief breathing is a quick and easy technique that you can use anywhere at any time. Deep breathing improves your mindfulness, making you more aware of the situation and possible situations. 

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Breathing exercises done every day helps calm the body. They keep your body alert and prepared to respond to situations rationally. You can better appreciate life when you’re intentional about breathing in what feels like a fresh breathe of life. Doing yoga can also help in controlling the breath through breathing exercises and techniques, plus it has lots of benefits too.

  • Regular Exercise

Make it a habit to take time off your strenuous schedule and engage in some exercise. It’s one of the best ways to enhance your general wellness. Exercise is recommended in many quarters as a heavy-duty stress reliever for several reasons. 

First, it acts as an outlet for stress and frustration. All the energy spent in stressing and worrying, if diverted to exercise, helps the mind calm down. During exercise, your mind diverts from the stressful situation while working out possible solutions. 

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Exercise also acts as a distractor. It gets you out of the stressful situation and into a more productive area. Merely getting out of a stressful place can revamp your moods. 

As you exercise, the body releases endorphins; chemicals that have the effect of making you feel good. In the long run, exercises can help you become less reactive to stress, making you better at handling pressure. 

  • Listen to Soothing Music

Soft music has a calming effect on the mind. As a therapeutic approach to stress, listening to music is popular with people of all ages and classes. While soft music is usually more effective, choose something that works for you. 

  • Express Gratitude

When in a stressful situation, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see anything positive about it. If you did, you wouldn’t be stressed about it. This brings you to the importance of handling life with gratitude and optimism. 

Optimistic people experience the same stressful situations as pessimists. The difference is in how the two groups of people respond to issues. When you’re confident, you see thing differently and are grateful for them.

Munther by Ted Sun (www.tedsun.net)

Instead of seeing a stressful situation as a threat, they perceive it to be an opportunity to become better.

  • Check What You Eat

Did you know that what you eat realty impacts on your moods? Some foods are culprits at making you feel worse about a bad situation. Most people tend to pick sugary snacks to calm down their nerves, but in effect, these only make them worse in the long run. 

Some products are better stress relievers than others. Fruits and vegetable top the list. Fish also contains high levels of omega- fatty acids that reduce stress symptoms. 

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While in search of the best stress-relieving food products, try CBD oil in all its various forms. Some supplements available on the market contain the product and are quite useful in helping you deal with stress. 

Final Thoughts

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to pull you down. Knowing what to do when faced with a stressful and challenging situation is an integral part of living. Some approaches work best right at the moment, while others are habits you have to develop over time. 

Bruno Endler by Ted Sun for Cool Singapore Magazine August 2018

Learn to breathe easy and take life by the smooth handle. Being mindful of the moment allows you to think on your feet. Regular exercises make your body release chemicals happy-trigger chemicals.  

Checking your diet and being more grateful about life will keep you on the bright side of things. More importantly, strive to be happy regardless of what you face. 

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