The Newest Accessory Trends That Have the World of Fashion Talking!

No doubt that men fashion is a equal part of fashion Industry and also the fact is more and more men interested in latest fashion trends. There are many bloggers and magazines that will help to properly assemble the wardrobe for all occasions. 

So the wardrobe is assembled, but what makes us really stylish? Accessories. Accessories are what men most often forget. We have made a selection that will help you arrange the assets in your image.

Accessories are a great way to amp up any look. Whether it’s jewellery, a big pair of sunglasses, or a nice scarf, a statement accessory can completely change an outfit. If you’re Indian singles or going out on dates, knowing the latest accessory trends will help you to be more confident and relaxed. This advice also applies to women seeking men in India, suitable clothes are important in our life and even help to gain confidence.

Brad Pitt For US GQ October 2019
Shirt, $995, by Alexander McQueen / Pants, (price upon request), by Dior Men / Belt, $495, by Artemas Quibble / Shoes, $150, by Clarks Originals / Sunglasses, $595, by Jacques Marie Mage

We’ve made a list of the top 10 trends for the upcoming year. So, for your next match from that Vanniyar matrimony website, you know what to wear.

  • Super-Size Bags

For the past few years, we’ve seen our fair share of tiny bags. While these looked adorable, they were a hassle logistically. We’re no stranger to the frustration of our phones and wallets not fitting into our bags. 

Balmain Homme AW19

Luckily, 2020 brings with it the age of big bags. All the runways in New York, London, Paris, and Milan showed supermodels dawn oversized bags in soft sack forms. These bags are easy to carry and allow the shape to change according to what you put in the bag.

  • Bucket Hats
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This accessory was a hit in the 90s and is making its comeback in 2020. Not only are these extremely comfortable to wear, they’re also a great fashion statement. Bucket hats come in a range of styles. You can opt for a plain neon hat, a tweed one, or even one with a plaid design. 

Valentino Men’s Spring 2019
  • Pearls

If you’re looking for a jewellery trend to mix up your outfit, wear pearls! We’re not talking about big old grandmother pearls, but small trendy pearls. Anywhere you look you’ll find great statement pieces with pearls on them. A nice pair of pearl hoops or a layered pearl necklace can complement your outfit nicely. 

Kenzo SS20
  • Chunky Jewellery

Gone are the days when we wore delicate pieces of jewellery to give ourselves a subtle chic touch. Delicate pieces of jewellery may look elegant, but they’ve been overdone and, let’s be honest, they’re kind of boring. 

Fendi AW19

This 2020 accessory trend will have you substituting delicate jewellery for chunky pieces. These sturdy industrial designs are rapidly rising in popularity. If you want to wear something that’ll catch everyone’s attention, find a nice piece of oversized jewellery. 

  • Angular Sunglasses

We may be switching out small bags and jewellery for oversized ones, but we’re doing the opposite when it comes to sunglasses. While large sunglasses have been a staple accessory, the world of fashion is moving towards smaller angular frames.

Givenchy SS20

These sunglasses look extremely sharp and frame a face really well. They come in a large variety of shapes – rectangles, diamonds, or hexagons. Choose a shape that suits your face shape overall, and you’ll be good to go. 

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Wearing the right accessories is important for any occasion. Whether you’re going to work or out on a date, it’s important to pair your outfit up well. With these top five accessory trends of 2020, you can’t go wrong! 

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