Kyle Kriesel cover by David Anthony

The Smokin’ Hot Realtor Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

I have often been drawn to the classic, handsome image of Kyle Kriesel over the last six years. But, we never crossed paths until last year. While, sometimes a model’s’ personality doesn’t live up to their images and social media presentation, Kyle far exceeded it. He’s a very sweet, smooth, humble southern gentleman––easily approachable and down to earth. Very accomplished in modeling, Kyle gives us some of his insights into the occupation and shares some of his experiences.     

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

Recently, Kyle did a test shoot with rising LA-photographer David Anthony.   Check out these images while reading excerpts from the May 2019 issue of PnV’s Fashionably Male Magazine where we have the a full interview and a hot summer shoot of Kyle:

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

For starters, some basic stats, Kyle? 

I’m 6’2” tall and 175 pounds. Brown eyes and hair. I was born in Port Angeles, Washington, but I grew up in Jesup, Georgia  for the most part. I’ve lived in quite a few states though. I currently live in Los Angeles, California.  Agencies include DT Model Management in LA for print as well as LA models runway division. NTA for commercials, MP Management Chicago, The Industry Miami and Directions North Carolina.

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork
Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

Who or what motivated you to start modeling?   Tell us about how you broke into the industry?

I was living in Arizona at the time and honestly just had a ton of friends suggesting that I give modeling a try. So I walked into an agency and got signed that day. I was 23. I certainly didn’t grow up aspiring to become a model, but with the abundance of opinions saying that I should give it a try and the possibility to make good money I decided why not see what happens. I quickly realized though that Arizona wasn’t going to give me the exposure I needed so after only being in Arizona for 9 months I packed up and moved to LA to take my chances at a bigger market. The first agency I signed with when I got to L.A. was Ford.

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Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

Tell us about 2 or 3 of your favorite moments/career highlights in modeling.

My first favorite moment was getting the chance to shoot my first commercial.  It was for Fiji Water and the premise of the commercial was basically me running through downtown L.A. carrying a Fiji water bottle.  But what was the best part of the whole day was the fact that I got to shoot it next to Allyson Felix, one of the most decorated female track athletes and Olympian.  Being an athlete growing up it was such an honor to meet and work beside such an accomplished athlete. 

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

My second favorite moment was when I got the chance to do a three day shoot out in the Valley of Fire State Park, which is in Nevada. Probably somewhere I never would have gone on my own but modeling opened the door for me to experience everything it had to offer. It was a great time exploring the park “hiking” 8 hours a day, changing locations within the park multiple times a day allowing us to get a great feel of all the landscape.  Also getting to know some wonderful people on set always makes for a great experience.  We saw tons of wildlife including massive tarantulas!   I hope to book more jobs that take me to new places.

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork
Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

What advice and cautions would you give to young male model hopefuls out there?

To make sure you find agencies that are really interested in you and seeing you succeed.  So many guys get thrown on a board and never get attention.  If your team isn’t working hard for you, then you aren’t even working. Try to do as many test shoots as you can, especially in the beginning of your career. It will allow you to feel comfortable in front of the camera quicker and be able to perform better once you book your first job and really have to be a model.  Plus, the more content the better!

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Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

Male model imagery today pushes a lot of boundaries…far more than in the past. Do you personally find that exciting or does it concern you?

I kinda find it exciting because I look at the human body as art. You can mold and shape it however you want and get some really cool images.  But as soon as it becomes distasteful and has a porno vibe to it, it doesn’t really seem like art anymore.

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork
Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

The state of Montana seems to have captured a special place in your heart. Why?

It’s the last best place!  I’m originally from the northwest so the mountains have always felt like my home. My family has had a vacation home there for last 15 years, so we always spend Christmas there and make a few trips during the summer. I went to college at Montana State and that’s when I really fell in love with everything it has to offer. I love winter and snowboarding and they have some of the best skiing in North America in my mind. My parents now spend about half the year there and I definitely see myself moving back to Montana in a couple years or so, maybe sooner. 

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

In addition to being a certified trainer, you earned a realtor license about 6 months ago. Why? Are you planning real estate as your future career? Have you made a sale yet?

Growing up I moved a lot which means I experienced the home selling/buying process more than most I feel. And at times my parents were either remodeling a home or building from scratch. So experiencing a lot of this throughout the years grew my interest in the real estate world.  I didn’t grow up wanting to be a model, and I know it’s not a career that will be lucrative late in my life, so finding something else that I can go do anywhere and I’m still my own boss essentially, just made sense to me.  I am working with the brokerage Berkshire Hathaway in the Pacific Palisades and continue to learn something new daily.  I have yet to make a sale but currently on a hot pursuit finding my first clients new home.  I am very excited to see where this career takes me. 

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Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

Now, the PnV/Fashionably Male FLASH BULB ROUND….rapid fire responses to mostly stupid questions.

–Favorite sin food? Cookies and donuts.

–Dream location for a photo shoot? New Zealand.

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

–Hours a week that you spend manscapping? One.

–Favorite underwear brand and style? Saxx Brief.

–Best thing about living in South Georgia? The people.

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

–Most famous people you have ever met? Ellen DeGeneres. 

–Favorite sports to participate? Tennis.

–Two parts of your body most often complimented? Chest and abs.

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

–Biggest misperception about male models? We only care about ourselves.

–Most accurate stereotype about male models? Care too much about their hair (guilty).

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

–On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most), how much of an exhibitionist are you?   3.

–Two favorite American cities? Seattle and San Diego.

–Favorite vacation site outside the US? Whistler Blackcomb.

–What actor would you choose to play Kyle Kriesel in a movie? Christian Bale.

Kyle Kriesel by David Anthony for PnVNetwork

–What do you wear to bed at night? Birthday suit.

Model Kyle Kriesel  —  Instagram:  @K.Kriesel

Photographer David Anthony – Instagram:  @davidanthonyphoto

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