PnV Presents: Kyle Kriesel by Lester Villarama – Issue 01

PnV Presents: Kyle Kriesel by Lester Villarama – Issue 01 for Fashionablymale Magazine.

Welcome to Issue 01 of PnV Presents: Fashionablymale Magazine, we are very happy to presents first cover with Kyle Kriesel photographed by Lester Villarama.

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

I have often been drawn to the classic, handsome image of Kyle Kriesel over the last six years. But, we never crossed paths until recently.   While, sometimes a model’s’ personality doesn’t live up to their images and social media presentation, Kyle far exceeded it. 

He’s a very sweet, smooth,  humble southern gentleman — easily approachable and down to earth. Very accomplished in modeling, Kyle gives us some of his insights into the occupation and shares some of his experiences.     

Recently, Kyle posed poolside in LA with talented photographer  Lester Villarama.   Sit back and enjoy these exclusive images and our nice chat with Kyle.

 “I certainly didn’t grow up aspiring to become a model, but with the abundance of opinions saying that I should give it a try and the possibility to make good money I decided why not see what happens.”

Kyle Kriesel

Kyle possess a stunning body, when Tom Peaks asked him about Male Model Imagery today pushes a lot of boundaries…far more than in the past. Do you personally find that exciting or does it concern you?

You can mold and shape it however you want and get some really cool images.  But as soon as it becomes distasteful and has a porno vibe to it, it doesn’t really seem like art anymore.

Kyle Kriesel

You can see more of Kyle exclusive interview here:

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Photography Lester Villarama @shotbylester
Model Kyle Krisel @k.krisel

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