6 Ways to Wear Your Long Sleeve Turtleneck Shirt with Style cover

6 Ways to Wear Your Long Sleeve Turtleneck Shirt with Style

With winter just around the corner, all you fashionistas have brought back your coats and scarves from the closet. We all agree that winter styling is as important as spring and summer wear. Among the numerous options of winter clothing, a turtleneck is a piece of elegant and sophisticated knitwear that never goes wrong and is always in style. We highly recommend having a proper fitting turtleneck shirt in your wardrobe. Not only do they look classy on both men and women, but also they’re versatile to use. Irrespective of the color, you can sport a turtleneck shirt in multiple ways to amp up its regal look.

Here are six ways of doing it:

Pair it with a blazer

Pairing your turtleneck shirt with a monochromatic blazer will result in an overly sophisticated look that screams of a professional ensemble yet giving it a casual touch. Don’t be afraid of layering and using different textures. Unless it’s within the same color palette, you’re good to go. You can also use a plaid blazer with a light colored turtleneck shirt to create some drama. Slip in a casual pair of jeans with a pair of elegant boots. Both men and women can carry this style effortlessly. To amplify the look, you can carry a handbag or a leather belt.

6 Ways to Wear Your Long Sleeve Turtleneck Shirt with Style

Turtleneck + Miniskirt + Long Coat

Giving a very autumn look, this combination will show off a professionally styled outfit for all women. Taking an inspiration from the retro theme, this layered look will make you office ready or simply prepared to be photographed on the street. Adding a long coat will completely change the look, multiplying its effect. Tuck the turtleneck shirt in. Using a dark colored miniskirt with a light colored turtleneck and middle toned overcoat works just fine. For the bottom, wear a pair of high heeled boots or pumps. You can also wear dark colored stockings to enhance the fit and save you from the cold. Carry a belt bag to complete the look.

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Corriere della Sera – Style Fashion Issue published with Alvaro Soler in Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli.
Parka in cotton, Turtleneck, Trousers, Boots, All Bally (designer Pablo Coppola). style fashion issue 21

Wear it with wide legged jeans

A very simple and laid back look, this combination is suitable for both genders. Using a white colored turtleneck with a pair of wide legged jeans announces an effortless look, yet making you look elegant. Pairing it with casual boots will complete the look. This look shows that a turtleneck can mould within any style, from the most basic to a professionally styled outfit. Among the wide range of turtlenecks within this collection, you can choose any color to use it as a simple shirt with the jeans. To elevate the outfit, you can use a denim jacket that goes really well with the suggested ensemble.

Julian Schneyder fronts the new Men's Health Spain October 2016 Style Guide F/W 2016 photography by Edu García and stylist by Debora Traite. Grooming by Sarai Pujol.

Layering it with a dress

As versatile as it can be, a turtleneck shirt also looks neat under a dress. Whether it’s a silky slip dress or a summer dress, the right kind of turtleneck can declare the hidden stylist within you. Choose an oversized turtleneck shirt over a slip dress that balances the proportion of your figure, or you can add a touch of summer to this cold season by slipping on a turtleneck under a summer dress. But make sure that your turtleneck isn’t too bulky; otherwise it’ll completely spoil the look through bad fitting. Try to pair it with monochromatic shades.

Ezra Miller Covers Holiday Issue of GQ Style Winter 2018
Coat, $3,975, by Alexander McQueen / Jacket, $750, pants, $275, by SSS World Corp / Turtleneck, $1,575, by Hermès / Shoes, $795, by Christian Louboutin

Pair it with a suit and sneakers

A proper balance between professional and casual, this look is a perfect semi-formal ensemble for your workplace. To hit the mark, choose a suit pant set that is lighter in color with a light turtleneck shirt. A pair of white sneakers will amp up the look. Try sticking to a neutral color palette. A belt bag and a pair of stylish sunglasses can be some fun additions.

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Go all black

An all black ensemble speaks of class and elegance, and adding a turtleneck to it can only polish the look further. It works for a night out, at a bar, in a party or a casual outing. Carrying and changing this look for different occasions is easy too. You can throw in some accessories like a layered necklace or large hoop earrings to elevate the ensemble. Or just throw on a black leather jacket for a refined look. Make sure that the fitting is proper since black color enhances your figure.

Turtleneck- Givenchy Pants- Roberto Cavalli Belt- Lanvin

With the right fit and color, turtlenecks work with almost any piece of garment to give you a stylish look. Whether you need to pair them with casual jeans or bike shorts, you’ll ensure that you stay warm in style this winter. Try any of these looks with your turtleneck now!

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