Major Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-778 Exam via Practice Testsand Become a Microsoft Certified Specialist

BI Reporting is a new concept in the world of technology. The adoption of this solution in the industries and organizations across the world is now taking shape. In fact, this field is becoming more competitive than ever before. So, what should you do as a professional who wants to stand out in such a competitive environment? The answer lies in the Microsoft 70778 exam. This test is administered to the specialists whose goalis to obtainthe MCSA:BI Reporting certification. We will give you more details in this article. We will also show you why you need to pass this exam.

Exam Details

There are two tests required to earn the MCSA: BI Reporting certificate. The first one is Microsoft 70-778 and the second exam is Microsoft 70-779. The Exam-Labs 70-778 certification test is intended for the candidates who understand how to carry out data analysis while using Power BI. They should be proficient in the following technical areas:

  • How to connect to sources of data as well as carry out data transformations;
  • How to model and visualize data using Power BI Desktop for Microsoft;
  • How to use a Power BI based service in configuring dashboards;
  • How to implement a direct connection to Microsoft SQL Azure as well as SSAS;
  • How to implement data analysis using Microsoft Excel.

The Microsoft 70-778 exam is designed for the data analysts, BI professionals, and other experts who perform roles involving utilization of Power BI to create reports. In the test, you may find about 40-60 questions. And you should be prepared that you will be given 120 minutes to complete all of them. These questions vary in theformat as they can be case studies, active screen, multiplechoice, review screen, and best answer. The exam questions might include other types that are fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and draganddrop. You will need at least 700 points to proceed to the second certification test. To be able to take Microsoft 70-778, you needto pay $165 as a fee.

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Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-778

The70-778 exam for the BI professionals and data analysts is known to be one of the hardest tests in the world of technology. It takes hard work, persistence, and consistency to pass this certification exam. There are many benefits to get by passing this Microsoft test. Let’s discuss some of them below.

  • You earn a prestigious certification by Microsoft.

Microsoft is known worldwide as a reliable accreditation firm. It is also known to take the candidates through a rigorous training process that prepares them to gain outstanding skills. This is why any certification from Microsoft is viewed with a lot of admiration and respect. When you have one, just know you will be passing across such a great statement. Surely you don’t want to miss a credential that comes with so much prestige!

  • A Microsoft certification indicates your skill levels.

Every employer wants to have a skilled professional to take up specific technical roles. When you perform with high grades in your Microsoft 70-778 exam, you demonstrate how skilled you are in Power BI and report creation. It shows you understood what the test expected of you, and that is how you got to pass it. Your level of skills will determine how you are going to perform in your work. Getting good grades in the examwill meet your employer’s expectations as it shows your performance in your role.

  • You complete your first step towards MCSA.

Since the Microsoft 70-778 exam is the first step to earning your MCSA: BI Reporting, passing it implies that you’ve completed this first required stage. You will now have the chance to move to the next one, which will guarantee you the MCSA credential as long as you perform well in your test. Passing the Microsoft certification exam is one step forward! This would be an important accomplishment for you.

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  • Your chances of getting a good job are enhanced.

By being armed with great skills such as those you gain by passing the Microsoft 70-778 exam, you willrealize that you can get a good job. The roles for MCSA include a BI and visualization analyst, a Power BI reporting analyst, and a data analyst. If you want to be part of the IT professionals who bring change in the world of technology, then this test is a must for you.

  • A Microsoft certification leads to the enhanced compensation package.

With your kind of data analysis and visualization skills, the employers will be able to compensate you better. Their willingness to compensate you well for your skills stems from the fact that they are unique and competitive. No employer who desires for efficiency and growth in their organization can afford to underpay you. You will be better placed to receive a salary that goes well with your level of skills. According to ZipRecruiter,the annual average salary for a Microsoft Power BI professional is $148,299.

Preparation Period

Before you become a qualified Power BI professional, you need to pass Microsoft 70-778. This is preceded by thorough preparation. This process involves taking advantage of various study materials. The students can use various resources, such as classroom training, on-demand training, practice tests video courses, exam dumps, and study guides. The right approach to the exam and the right mindset will ensure you acquire the knowledge and experience you need for this test.

Microsoft provides you with official instructor-led and online courses that will make your preparation an exciting experience. You may also want to use the study guide available through the Microsoft Press. As for exam dumps, the Exam-Labs website makes it easier for you to obtain them. This platform also ensures you get access to video courses, study guides, and practice tests.

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Passing Microsoft 70-778 gives a boost to your resume. It also allows you to know that it is possible to achieve any goal you set for yourself. The critical thing is to ensure you pursue this goal with hard work, persistence, and consistency. The value that comes from doing so will be unmatched. It brings self-satisfaction both in your career and your personal life. Focus on doing your best in this certification exam if youwant to become an outstanding professional in your specialization.

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