Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe cover

Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

Have you ever looked at the price tag on a high-end clothing and the hefty amount left you stunned? Maintaining a stylish appearance while being on a budget seems like a daunting challenge to people nowadays. The common assumption that a good style costs a lot of money is deep-rooted in their minds.

Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

On the contrary, there is no excuse for you not to look proper even if the money is constrained. Today, men’s fashion is a lot more versatile than ever. Expensive brands are not the only option if you are looking to update your wardrobe with vogue clothing.

“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

Alexander McQueen

Thrifting is a smart way to add flair to your closet. It doesn’t mean you have to buy stained and worn-out clothes. The mass middle market of men’s wear is quite sustainable and affordable and is overgrowing to meet demands. Euromonitor predicts that men’s clothing sales will grow by 1.9% in 2021, compared to just 1.4% for women’s clothes. 

Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

You can definitely buy basics from either middle-market brands, and pick some good condition ones from thrift stores to create multiple outfits. In fact, there are several ways to look like a millionaire without spending millions; some of them are stated as under:


If your clothes fall into the category of being fitted, dark-colored, and minimalistic, they will make you look classy without a doubt. Make sure your shirts, bottoms, and outer layering fit you well. Even if they are cheap, they will look trim and proper, making you feel well-groomed. 

You don’t have to incorporate many vivid pieces in your outfit for the sake of experimentation. Minimalism is the key to a high-class wardrobe. Flamboyance is not something everyone can pull off.

Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

Though a personal preference, choice of color in your outfit is something you cannot overlook. A dark-colored gear will look a hundred times sleeker than a vibrant colored one.

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When seasons are about to end, it is golden time to shop for your clothing essentials. Almost all brands put of end-of-season sales to clear that year’s stock. Even if you have to find the perfect pieces for you amidst the crowd, it will be worth the effort. You get a great deal at a much lesser price.

Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

A wide variety is available in these stores, which can allow you to choose for yourself the best possible clothing for casual and formal needs. It is suggested to mix and match essentials, but don’t get too carried away by bold looks. Subtlety in men’s wear is a very vital factor for a graceful appearance. 


If you look in an unhurried way through the aisles of a thrift store, you can find amazing things over there. One thing to consider is that this sort of clothing is mostly used, so you’ll have to look for stains and other signs of a worn-out piece. Your money isn’t worth such stuff. Yet, if you lay your hands on a flawless clothing item that screams quality as well as suiting your style, do not hesitate to buy it. Not only you save a great deal, but you will also get several ensembles by pairing these items.

Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

If a good quality shirt or a bottom cost you very less and is not the size you wish to buy, you can get it fixed later by a local tailor. Get it modified to fit you perfectly. The overall cost will still be a lot less than a high-priced new one.


Never pair a loose item of clothing with another loose one. This can be the biggest mistake you can make if you aim for a proper look. Ideally, if you wear an oversized top, you should wear a nice fitted bottom beneath it.

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When you crack the code of pairing up correctly, only then can you ace style.

“The key to personal style is understanding your beauty enough to know which looks will work for you and which probably won’t.”

Stacy London
Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

 A few ideas would be to get 2 or 3 bottoms first like a dress pant, a chino, or a nice pair of jeans. Keep in mind not to buy bottoms that won’t be very easy to pair up with multiple shirts. Buy less, but buy better.  

Even a plain tee can be styled efficiently to ooze out panache. For instance, you can pair it up with a dark-colored chino, and put on a flannel over it. Put on your classy loafers, and you will look like a stylish stud instantly.  

Henley’s, the non-collared, full-sleeved shirts can be worn with jeans to get a dashing look.


Some classics are here to stay when it comes to men’s wear. You can never go wrong with these, like a white collared shirt, denim shirt, a navy blue suit, brown shoes, and a black belt. All of these look extremely elegant, and you can just put any of these on to create that dapper look.

Thrifty Style: Clever Ways To Revamps Your Wardrobe

Every man should have at least one, well-fitted suit in his closet. Formal occasions call for formal clothing, and there is no better way to go about it other than a well-tailored suit.


Wearing good quality underwear will profoundly impact how you carry yourself. Comfortable undergarments can safely be termed as a foundation for an overall voguish look. If you want comfort and support, you will need at least two to three sustainable, breathable boxers and pouch underwear.   

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You can instantly raise your style quotient if you put on accessories. Firstly, get yourself a nice pair of loafers and dress shoes. It would be best if you had something for your feet other than sneakers to bring versatility in your looks.

Secondly, consider buying at least one proper dress watch and a pair of right quality sunglasses. Don’t go berserk on premium brands, as even affordable ones in sound quality will serve the purpose of quickly adding style. A watch can do wonders for your flair. In the words of Kobe Bryant:

“Everyone looks at your watch, and it represents who you are, your values, and your personal style.”

Not only watches, but belts are also a focal point which people notice, so make sure you have a sleek, good looking one in your wardrobe.


  • Always iron your clothes and make it a point never to put on wrinkled, messy clothing
  • Take care of your clothes so they last longer.
  • Tuck in your shirt to give off a proper, dressy look.
  • Keep your loafers and dress shoes shining.

Parting thoughts

By following these tips and fashion advice, you can prove any person wrong who says that you cannot look good without spending a large amount of money. Build up a wardrobe that screams style and carry yourself with poise as that is what fashion is all about.

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