Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick

This is Bryce’s Life: Interview and Photography by Tyson Vick

Teenage model Bryce Miller takes and adventure through Nevada’s Valley of Fire state park. This intimate interview captures his most private thoughts.

Photographer Tyson Vick had the pleasure of wandering through the vibrant red rocks with Bryce as he climbed up and down them, stopping to let the soft sand strain through his fingers. Bryce has left high school behind, and his modeling has taken him around the United States and Australia, even producing a beautiful book from his time in Las Vegas (Link: https://www.blurb.com/b/9530637-bryce-s-life-las-vegas). We talked about social media, staying authentic and treating people with love and respect.

What inspired you to try modeling?

I was and still am very shy, but I’ve definitely come a long way from when I first started High School. Its weird thinking about how I model now, considering I was a VERY self conscious kid. I was one of those kids who wouldn’t take off their shirts at the pool or water parks. I was just always so self conscious. Now, here I am modeling with no shirt and posting it for thousands to see.

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

What got me started was one photographer messaged me on Instagram asking if I wanted to do a shoot with him. Looking back on this, meeting up with a random person, who claims to be a photographer, in a place I don’t know, could turn out to be very dangerous, but it all ended up working out! I started there, and I grew off of that. I learned poses, how to be more relaxed, and just let things flow. That’s how I started getting into commercial modeling and social media. Everything all started after I said “yes” to a small opportunity in life, which has now consumed my whole life.

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What is the best piece of modeling advice you have received?

Best modeling advice I have received is just relax. You just have to relax and let things flow. If a pose feels super awkward or feels very forced and it visibly shows then it won’t make for a good photo. 

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

You also took to Tik-Tok like a fish to water and amassed a large following very quickly.

Ah, TikTok. Tiktok is like a new rendition of Vine, and it’s great. I just wanted another platform to have fun on, other then Instagram, so I tried out Tiktok. Just like it happened to many other teens around the world, I found it gets super addicting. You fall in love with making these small 15 second videos. Also, it seems people like seeing me make these 15 second videos. I literally make them just for fun and people enjoy watching them, so it’s great. 

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

Do you feel like models today are more empowered by having the ability to impact their careers through using social media?

Honestly its hard to answer this question, because, for one, I’m not a runway model, so I can’t speak on behalf of them, but social media has grown a new type of model. For me, and for my generation, we live and thrive on social media. I guarantee you, if you ask any teenager you will find they have some social media account that they use regularly.

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

I grew up with social media. That’s my generation. There wasn’t a time I can remember where there wasn’t social media. So, I wouldn’t necessarily say all models are empowered by social media to boost their career, but I think it gives regular people some empowerment with the fact that a big major agency isn’t picking them apart. They can just exist and thrive off of social media. They can be just as successful, and that is empowering, and you can kinda be the creator of your own destiny with social media. 

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Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

Which two parts of your body garner the most compliments?

Ha ha! My self conscious self doesn’t like talking about the compliments I receive because it feels very arrogant and very, I don’t know, just weird. It makes me feel weird. But the 2 parts of my body that would probably receive the most compliments are my eyes and then abs. 

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

Name one thing most fans would be surprised to know about you.

I am an open book, and if any of my fans ask me questions about my life, usually I answer it honestly. I try to be my authentic self on social media, and not a ‘persona’. If I haven’t revealed something, then I am not ready to share those parts of my life yet. So, I will just leave it at that.

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

What is your most badass personal characteristic?

Badass characteristics? Well, I don’t know if I’d call myself a badass. I’m more of a softer spirit. But I’d like to think I am confident, and that Im’ not afraid of many things. I love doing stupid crazy stuff, like zip lining, skydiving, etc… but I don’t know if that’s ‘Bad Ass’. It’s just more thrill seeking in my opinion.

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

Your most sweetheart personal characteristic?

My most sweetheart characteristic is that I always, and I mean ALWAYS, try to treat everyone as I want to be treated. I try to always be there for everyone.

Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

As a kid I was bullied and let people run all over me, and I believe you never know what someone is really going through. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, and something small, such as a compliment, or just asking someone how they are doing, can make someones day just a little better.

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Bryce Miller by Tyson Vick for Fashionably Male

We live in a world full of a lot of shit and a lot of people are going through shit that you may not know about. So, treat others respectfully, and care for one another. We need more love in this world.


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