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Best 20 Posts of Fashionably Male on 2020

Creating content during a pandemic in 2020 was really hard for many of us. Get ready for the counting of Best 20 Posts of Fashionably Male on 2020.

We have amazing content and exclusive material exposed in our website. Photographers and models from around the world. American models and European models are a huge magnet for so many visitors.

Our readers and visitors–during this pandemic– are digging to see new models and new faces. We’re announce the best posts of 2020. It was hard to choose 20 posts only. But the numbers were huge this time. Thank you for visit us.

This recompilation is about the more visited posts and articles you guys helped to make viral, making more famous to the models and photographers. Best 20 Posts on Fashionably Male.

I have to thanks to Tom Peaks and Chris Chase who’ve been part of this project. Happy Holidays and dig for 10 things we’ve learned in 10 years on Fashionably Male.

20 – International Model Christian Hogue – Pics by Victor Ozuna

Christian Hogue by Victor Ozuna

When Christian Hogue traveled this year to Cancun and gathered around with photographer Victor Ozuna they did a stunning shooting in the beach, this pictures were publish on Victor’s gram and the full shooting is posts here with us.

19 – Exclusive Twins Austin & Alec Proeh Pictures by Walter Tabayoyong

Twins Austin & Alec Proeh Pictures by Walter Tabayoyong for Fashionably Male

In August we had the fortune to expose new pictures of Twins Austin and Alec Proeh in Los Angeles by photographer Walter Tabayoyong.

The twins has long blonde hair now, they look so handsome and sexy, we can acclaimed that they are the sexiest twins on earth.

18 – Bedroom Series with Niccolo Neri by Pics by Julio Cesar

Original he’s a OnlyFans entertainer. But photographers has been shot Niccolo in several times, when photographer Julio Cesar spotted Niccolo we have the opportunity to expose this Bedroom Series.

A Full Day with Niccolo Neri Pics by Julio Cesar

Niccolo doesn’t ashamed of being naked in front of anyone. Is one of his biggest charms, beyond this candid look, muscle body and stunning face, Niccolo can transcend from being an adult model to Male Model.

17 – Justin Leonard for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04 Jan/Feb 2020

Justin Leonard by Hayden Su for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04

People loves Justin Leonard! We so we do! When Chicago-based model has an interview with Tom Peaks for PnVFashionablymale Magazine and stunning pictures by photographer Hayden Su. You can find this issue on digital or a print copy on our Shop section, link below:

16 – Breaking the Waves: Daniel Gonzalez by Adrián C. Martín

In this website we have watching this fitness male model grow, not only physically, also mentally and great presence in front of the lens of Adrián C. Martín.


Model and photographer were posing right to break in the middle of waves, Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the eight Canary Islands.  The model is wearing Marcuse swimwear.

Daniel Gonzalez by Adrian C. Martín for Fashionably Male

15 – Guido Benitez for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04 Jan/Feb 2020

Shooting by the one and only Joan Crisol in Madrid, when Tom Peaks our Editor in Chief spotted Guido on Twitter, we called it right away to set an exclusive material for our magazine.

These eyepopping photos are typical of the work Joan has been doing in Spain with amazing artists, models and celebrities.

Guido Benitez for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04 Jan/Feb 2020

If you get the issue 04, you will access to a full exclusive material with 13 hot models. And also you will know who’s this 27 year-old hunk in a quickly Q/A we made for you.

14 – Post Appreciation of Jorge Cobian by Adrián C. Martín

When Adrián C. Martín started to show off Jorge Cobian on his instagram, we just mesmerized. Back to this Cuban-born hunk, we can say that he is a Canary Island resident, he has a beautiful fit muscular body, and he looks incredible in front of the cameras.

Jorge Cobian by Adrian C. Martin for Fashionably Male

13 – Otter Season is Not Over: Ian David Snapped by Ben Veronis

When we met Ian on 2017, we just think about his a beefcake god! Portrayed by Benjamin Veronis in his studio. Ian is here with us in this sexy exclusive material.

If you know Ian he’s just super charming gentleman, everybody says he’s adorable and easy to work with. Follow him on the ‘gram.

Ian David by Ben Veronis for Fashionably Male

12 – US Vogue December 2020: Harry Styles by Tyler Mitchell

One thing we were just gagging about, was when we posted this article from pop star and icon Harry Styles for the US Vogue December 2020.

Photography by Tyler Mitchell Harry and sister Gemma Styles sit for a family portrait. Style has millions of fans around the world, his speaks loud and clear, trying to explain that he’s a humble guy who likes to dress anything.

US Vogue December 2020 : Harry Styles by Tyler Mitchell

11 – Modus Vivendi x Greek Come True June 2020

The collaboration we didn’t know we needed but we love it: Modus Vivendi X Greeks Come True June 2020.

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Modus Vivendi and Greeks Come True, the highly popular and much celebrated Calendar project featuring real men and athletes from all over Greece, joined forces for some truly sizzling hot visuals. 

The collaboration we didn't know we needed but we love it: Modus Vivendi X Greeks Come True June 2020.

Every year we see the release of a print Calendar, full of exclusive (oh and did we mention strictly nude?) content – for 2020 we get to admire the exceptional work of the photographer Yiorgos Kaplanidis, followed by a Making Of movie, packed with lots and lots of uncensored action from behind the scenes.

10 – This is Bryce’s Life: Interview and Photography by Tyson Vick

Teenage model Bryce Miller takes and adventure through Nevada’s Valley of Fire state park. This intimate interview captures his most private thoughts.

Bryce has left high school behind, and his modeling has taken him around the United States and Australia, even producing a beautiful book from his time in Las Vegas. We talked about social media, staying authentic and treating people with love and respect. Read the fun interview and see the stunning pictures by Tyson Vick for fashionablymale.net.

9 – Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male Le Parfum with Mitchell Slaggert

French fashion brand Jean Paul Gaultier launched today Le Male Le Parfum with top model Mitchell Slaggert. The new fragrance for men is making new waves.

The campaign, which includes a video starring by Mitchell Slaggert, diva Violet Chachki, with female models Adela Stenberg, Julia Banas, Zuleica Eliana, Soo Joo and Argentine model Flor Arriola.

8 – Tom Zalac in Fire Island – Shots by Misha Bandaletov

On May we posted Tom Zalac in Fire Island shooting by Misha Bandaletov, the people loved this material.

Tom Zalac in Fire Island – Shots by Misha Bandaletov

Tom has 142K followers on the ‘gram, super handsome man, super good looking guy, he’s super everything. And he appears on the internet we’re just super happy!

7 – Charlie Matthews for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 05 April 2020

For all Charlie Matthew’s fans they were so happy and crazy about the images of Ted Sun in Malibu Beach, when the fans find out that he fronts the cover of Issue 05 of PnV Fashionablymale Magazine they turn cray cray.

Charlie Matthews for PnVFashionablymale Issue 05 April 2020

Charlie is very driven and career-focused. He has always been strategic and passionate about his craft. Charlie has worn fashion brands such as A&F, Hilfiger, Nautica and Calvin Klein. The 6’1” first generation Serbian American is Los Angeles-based and signed with DT Model Management. He has dark brown hair and those famous mesmerizing blue/green eyes.

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6 – A Phil Fusco Christmas!

Phil Fusco is legendary fan favorite, who was probably one of the first to become prominent as a social media discovery on a platform called MySpace!  In the era of Instagram, he’s still an international star.   

Philip Fusco by Eduardo Fermin Christmas Special PnVFashionably Male

A few days ago, Phil posed for Eduardo Fermin in NYC for some holiday shots. Phil also sat down to tell us about his favorite holiday season: Christmas!

5 – The Nude Series at Home: David Ortega Shots by Francisco Fernandez

For all sexy stories lovers, David comes and serving the best erotic images, shooting in New York City by Francisco Fernandez exclusive for fashionablymale.net.

David Ortega shots by Francisco Fernandez for Fashionably Male

David is a champion on making the love to the camera–literally– to prove we have this stunning black and white material.

4 – Model Tyler Schrage On Finding Self Love Amidst The Critics

In January we woke up with this stunning pictures of Tyler Schrage and exclusive interview for fashionablymale.net

Tyler Schrage by Zachary Jaydon of PnV Network

Schrage boasts more than a million followers, across his social media portfolio, and keeps company with some of the biggest social influencers around.

3 – Andrew Morrill Answers 20 Odd Questions from Fans

When Andrew reached this year 100K followers on the ‘gram, we came with this 20 odd questions from fans can ask Andrew via email. We did it and it blows our minds.

Andrew Morrill by James Loy for Fashionably Male

People loves Andrew and Andrew loves us back! He’s a super handsome gentleman, and he always is reachable to the masses.

And extra points when James Loy share with us this exclusive material of Andrew to the world.

2 – Nick Sandell for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 07 Oct/Nov 2020 (Digital Only)

Nick Sandell by Adam Washington for PnVFashionably Male Issue 07 Oct/Nov 2020

“Birthday Funday Sunday” features a revealing conversation with fan favorite model Nick Sandell. Nick opens up about his use of steroids, nudity, and looks back at his favorite memories of modeling…with all the candor you can expect. A fun and revealing feature that all happened on his 27th birthday with LA-photographer Adam Washington.

So surreal to have Nick in our cover

Nick comments via Instagram, “WOW! Truly – I’m beyond words.” We’re actually so happy to have this gorgeous model in our DOUBLE Issue.

1 – Photographer Chris Femat Presents Daniel Padilla wearing Torzo Underwear Exclusive

Performer, GoGo boy, Only Fans entertainer and Instagram model he’s Daniel Padilla a 19 year old sexy boy and 6’2″ of beauty Mexican.

Daniel Padilla by Chris Femat for Fashionablymale

Photographer Chris Femat Presents Daniel Padilla wearing Torzo Underwear Exclusive for fashionablymale.net. Padilla is showing now that being part of this underwear world, doesn’t feel afraid of his manhood. To show to the world on social media that a guy can be sexy in tiny undies.

He also was the best underwear campaign presented in 2020.

Thanks to all contributors, photographers, agencies, models, crew, assistants and people behind the lens, who can make this possible every moment we make a post we dedicate this work to all the people who is behind and in front of the lens.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we hope we can work together again for this coming 2021.

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