5 Tips for Buying Your Next Pair of Gloves

5 Tips for Buying Your Next Pair of Gloves

Are you looking to buy a new pair of gloves? They are among those garments that serve more than one purpose. Gloves can look great when worn as part of your favourite outfit, and they are also a practical item for keeping you warm. Many people like to wear them while driving, and others have to wear gloves for work purposes. They add protection, and can also be very comforting. Very often, we see a pair of good gloves in a shop or on a website, and simply buy them because they look good, or are the right price. Then, when we start to wear them, we find they don’t fit properly, are badly made or are not suitable for the purpose we bought them for!

5 Tips for Buying Your Next Pair of Gloves

Here are five things to think about when buying the right gloves.

1: Know your Size – gloves are often sold in sizes marked as small, medium, large and so on (or S, M and L) but which are you? There are actually officially used glove sizes for men and women. The size is determined by measuring the diameter of your hand across the palm above the thumb. It does help to buy the right size, so check out the reviews on all gloves – Top Gloves Guide where you can find information on sizing, and also on some great gloves.

2: Fit for Purpose – think about what you are going to use your gloves for, and how often you are going to wear them. For example, if you need gloves for work you are looking at a completely different item to that you will wear casually to keep your hands warm. Know what you need, and where you are going to be wearing your gloves, and your shortlist of options will be shorter! 

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Kenzo wool two-piece suit and knitted wool gloves.

3: The Right Material – this follows on from the above point regarding what you need your gloves for. Leather gloves are worn for a variety of uses – for casual wear, fashion wear, for driving and also for riding motorcycles – and provide a decent amount of protection, but it’s not the right material for, for example, wearing on a construction site! If you need PPE gloves, then there are specialist items that can do a very good job. Check out this good glove material guide for more information on choosing the right materials for the right job.

4: The Best Style – what do we mean by this? Well, we’ve talked about fashion gloves and work gloves, plus motorcycling and driving gloves, and among each of those categories you will also find a wide variety of options when it comes to style. The reviews we advised you to look at should give you a great selection of ideas for different types of gloves, so make sure you have a good read of that and also check out other sites that sell or talk about gloves.

5: Quality – this is where you need to take extra care. You might see a cheap pair of gloves and think they are a bargain. But how long will they last? As with all items of clothing there are economies of scale involved when it comes to quality and pricing. Better quality goods may cost a bit more, but will certainly last longer, and if you are to wear your gloves day by day that’s an important consideration.

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That’s our five tips for buying your next pair of gloves, and we hope we’ve given you the inspiration and advice you need on how to get the pair you want at the right price.

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