Reinvent or die: How COVID-19 is affecting Fashion Bloggers/Digital Creators / Influencers + more

This is from a personal perspective of Blogger and content creator since 2010. The entire planet is living a pandemic, we need to stay at home, but How COVID-19 is affecting Fashion Bloggers/Digital Creators/Influencers + more

Last night I was thinking how the entire world is changing because of the pandemic situation. Right now our Economy market is collapsing in every corner of the planet.

While most of people are doing––some of them is the first time––‘home office’; freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs among others we’re having a bad time in the middle of this quarantine.

Money is energy, I think money comes and goes, but right we can’t control it. It’s completely out of control. That’s why many of us, struggling with our finances. Specially when you don’t have a payroll every month.

As owner of Fashionablymale.net webzine, and allied with PnV Network for our Digital/Print Magazine. I’ve seen three scenarios hit by this pandemic, let me explain a lit bit more:

  1. For Fashion bloggers, digital creators, freelance writers and influencers still got a chance, we can be saved by the bells thanks to  big brands (if you only have the chance to work with brands, displaying advertising content because you got a nice paid deal with one of those advertising agencies), to display in your layouts. And also our readers and visitors, who daily can play our videos, gives ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ every moment.
  2. Models: Fashion Models / Instagram Models / Fitness Models: They are suffering too, because if you are a signed model, your agency is not even got your back up safe. Models needs to pay bills, models needs to maintain their bodies and faces, that’s how they surviving, but they need to hustle, opening and joining onlyfans accounts, (they’ve been doing it for awhile, I know) but when you see a signed model doing it, is a little bit disappointed.
  3. Photographers / Stylists / Make Up Artists / Assistants. Re-invent or die, this is a huge quote, how photographer will sustain with this crisis? when Magazine will collapse after this pandemic crisis, just I was reading that W Magazine furloughs staff over corona-related downturn. A media source told us the. Mag’s digital team is still on staff, but will be working with a reduced salary and that the Web site will still be up-and-running. Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, and others they have a certain name recognition as brands which will likely be exploited till the very end. Whether that’s as digital magazines, print-on-demand magazines or just as social media channels. The other thing they have on their side is that generally, the fashion houses still love them, and are willing to throw a bit of monkey at them to create something.
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Did we skip something? This is a vision we can see in probably two more months, but we don’t know yet. We don’t have a control of anything. We can’t predict it.

We’re calling to Fashion Bloggers, Brands and Influencers

To work all together, to support all together, reach out the attention of one single person is difficult, but right now we have the opportunity to reach  their attention, and bring people to focus more in our content.

Quarantine time is probably will be longer than we expected, we don’t know, in Mexico quarantine time is over until April 30th. But is not the same case in the United States or Italy.

Fashionablymale.net will support in every single case to create better content to all those people seeking for entertainment, not all people are engaged with TikTok or Animal Crossing.

Call me a dreamer, but if only each one would support in a group that local business, that pastry shop, that barber shop, that restaurant of homemade food, that website that you visit daily and offers you its products, if we all focused on one daily local business, we would change the economy, the energy of money would skyrocket.

And the next day we would go with another business, and the next day with another, and so on.

But the ego does not let us see things clearly.

How is Italy’s Independent Scene Reacting to Covid?

According to nowfashion.com, the fashion scenario in the major capital fashion is this:

On an economic level – most designers agree this crisis will have an enormous impact on them, a crisis that has already started to take a toll and whose signs are already visible. 

“An emerging brand like ours has suffered and is suffering much more than a big brand for a thousand reasons, as not doing the pre-collections, for example, we certainly could not lean on those gains,” stated Marco Rambaldi. 


Although, financially speaking, many designers are suffering – some are staying hopefully, finding the potential positive aspects of this crisis. 

Gabriele Colangelo, for example, is focusing on the beneficial aspects of slowing down: “My attention, in these days of necessary suspension from everyday life to which we are accustomed, dwells even more – because it is a consideration on which I have long reflected – on time. I realise how in general the days have a frenetic, rapid development and how work is subjected to pressing rhythms without pause for elaboration.” The designer is now finding the time to dedicate himself to the study of details, new materials and craftsmanship. 

Luca Magliano instead, is hoping his brand will come out of this crisis big and strong enough to make brave choices such as starting to made-to-measure or bespoke business on the side. Others, like Marco Rambaldi and Arthur Arbesser, are coming to the realisation that this is an opportunity to make their collections even more sustainable. 

“I have decided to make future collections more edited, even smaller and even more personal. And for the next collection, we will use leftover fabrics from past seasons.”


Some others instead are finding creative solutions to solve their problems, inspired by their Chinese counterparts who presented their collections online at Shanghai Fashion Week reaching more than 2.5million viewers.

Truth is, no one has the time to do things slowly anymore. Come what may, every company is gearing for a change in the system, are hoping for a return to the golden days where time was valued as one of the most precious things in the world. Yet, how is the designer facing this crisis? 

Times have changed: With social networks now allowing people across the globe to talk to each other directly,

On the other hand, according to WWD.com, Miceli is focusing on evolving the communication strategies of his luxury clients, which include Louis VuittonBoucheron and Emilio Pucci. Founded 16 years ago, his agency employs 25 people and has its own film production arm as well as two photo studios.

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Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Al Dente was looking beyond social media to other digital platforms, including Netflix and Spotify, devising campaigns that extend farther than product into cultural content.

“This is a good time for digital communication. A new relationship is emerging between brands and their audience, and communication has to be much stronger. There should be less focus on products, and more on services.”

On their website WWD asks to Patrizio Miceli: Right now, brands can’t sell many products, stage runway shows or organize events. What can they talk about with their audience?

Mizeli responds: “Luxury brands have a phenomenal global cultural aura that goes way beyond products. You might not be a customer of a given brand, but you might still like its philosophy and brand culture. I think that brand culture will be key going forward.”

This crisis means we will never again communicate in the same way, and we will try to make everything we do much more meaningful.

We’re in the verge of launch PnV’s Magazine Spring Issue 05 this coming April. Tom Peaks, Chris Chase and Tyson Vick chosen the best stories to feature in this coming issue.

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