5 Reasons You Should Buy A Watch cover

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Watch

You might think that in this digital age, watches are a thing of the past. After all, you can always check the time on your phone. But every professional, charismatic and successful man can still be seen sporting a sleek  watch. Why is that? Well, it’s because a good watch offers a lot more than just the ability to tell time. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons you should buy a watch.

The Craftsmanship

Women can collect beautiful jewelry as an art collection but what about men? Is there nothing that is of use to them that is also an art-form? Well, there is, watches. You might think a watch is nothing but dial and 2 hands but in actuality, it is intricate craftsmanship. A fine watch can take up to 4-5 months as more than 3 craftsmen assemble its pieces by hand. A nice example is an Arch Collection watch inspired by the arch that represents the triumph of victory.

 A good watch hence has a lot of value and is recognized as the art it is by the people in the know. The people who understand the craftsmanship of watches include regular wearers who happen to be the richest and most successful men. 

So not only will you have a common point to talk about with the 1%, but you will also be dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. And if you are concerned about what you will do if such an expensive item broke, don’t, because there are many high-end watch part sellers that can help you find the right parts and fix your watch in no time.


Showcase Your Lifestyle

Men have very limited options in regards to self-expression using their wardrobe. But wearing a watch that most closely relates to your personality can give you a chance to let your lifestyle shine through. A man wearing the latest Rolex is automatically considered to be an important and successful person. This is not because people are shallow and value money, it is because wearing a watch indicates your perfectionism and attention-to-detail. 

Free From The Phone

Cell-phone addiction is a big problem these days, and it is only enhanced when you have to pick up your phone every time you need to know the time- you know you are not going to put it back right after seeing the time, you’ll check just one text, and then another, and on and on. Having a watch breaks the cycle, not only can you tell time quickly you will also become more punctual as the watch makes you constantly aware of how fleeting time actually is.

Another reason to use a watch to tell time over a phone is that there are many situations in which looking at your phone might be considered rude but you still need to know the time. For example, if you are in a meeting with an important client, they don’t know that you reached for your phone just to know the time, they might get offended and think you are not paying attention to what they are saying.  

Represent Your Personality

There’s a lot you can say with a watch, the right watch for the right occasion shows people that you have great attention to detail. If you show up to an interview without a watch, you might be perceived as carefree, but if you are wearing a watch you will send the message that time is valuable to you. The world of watches is full of so many different styles and materials that it has become an art in itself. The watch you choose represents your unique personality.

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Conversation Starter

If you are wondering why women don’t talk to you, consider buying a watch and see if that makes a difference. Women gauge a man’s sense of style based on 2 things; shoes and watch. If both of these things are interesting and stylish, they will consider engaging with you. Wearing a watch at a public place like a pub or a restaurant gives an interested woman a great excuse to come talk to you. She can just say “Do you know what time it is?”, and after you tell her the time, it is up to both of you where you want that conversation to take you. 

A man’s watch can become his identifying factor, you may be known as ‘the guy with the fancy watch’ and that’s a great definition to have. Wearing a watch will represent you as a careful, punctual, well-put-together man. It will also do wonders for your own relationship with the fleeting sense of time. You will get to value time more as you will witness it pass by on your wrist. And best of all, you might just end up talking to some very interested women. So go ahead, find out how to choose a watch, and go buy it!

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