Wise Buying: Deciding Factors for Getting a Rain Jacket

Wise Buying: Deciding Factors for Getting a Rain Jacket

Any type of jacket offers different levels of protection. The best way to gauge which one would really suit you would be understanding its materials and designs. By doing this, you can also determine the degree of protection it can provide, especially if you are planning to buy one. Aside from the materials, you might be confused about which feature or design to choose. This writing will help you to identify the factors that you should consider when getting the best rain jacket for you.

Wise Buying: Deciding Factors for Getting a Rain Jacket

Features to Offer

The fabrics used are not just the key points to be considered but also the features that play the role. Weight affects the price as well as the features. There are varieties of rain jackets for men available online which have been crafted using lightweight materials, several features such as adjustable chords, waterproof zippers and snap buttons which make it personally fit and comfortable. Pockets also add to the jacket’s price especially if it has waterproof zippers. Ultralight jackets and non-bulky materials, those are indeed beneficial and easier to pack. These features can be observed as well for women’s jackets. Consider on what occasions you will need the item, would it be for outdoor activities like trekking or simply when you’re just caught in the rain in the middle of the road.

Layers of Rain Jackets

Most of the rain jackets introduced to the market have multiple layered constructions but normally look like a single layer when you touch the fabrics. Those layers are tightly sandwiched together. Fabrics may be layered to 2, 2.5, or 3 but these designs almost share the same qualities. Layers consist of the face fabric, the middle part or the waterproof layer, and the third one is the inner lining. The face fabric is coated with the chemical durable water-repellent to help its outer layer from water absorption. The second layer can be made with polyester or nylon or coated fabric which makes it waterproof. The third layer is to keep the sweat from clogging and help the fabric breathable.

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Each design has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, 3-layered construction is the most durable among the three choices but often slightly heavier compared to others. Layers also affect breathability and among those types, the 3-layered fabrics have the best performance. When it comes to the price, the 3-layered ones normally have the highest costs, and for good reason!

Design and Durability

Most of the rainwear gears are made up of either laminated or coated materials. These are designed to improve the usage and functionality of rain jackets. However, they have a few differences in the level of protection. Laminated fabrics are best when it comes to waterproof performance, breathability and durability which make it more expensive compared to coated. 

If you have made up your mind which one to choose, features vs. quality or perhaps weight vs. durability, just make sure you would also take time to read the proper way of cleaning your rain jacket. A well-cared-for and clean jacket will function at its best and likely to last longer than a neglected and dirty one. Correctly washing and drying can greatly affect restoring durable water repellent and its breathability. Find the manufacturer’s best recommendation and make sure to follow to maintain the jacket’s protection capacity. 

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