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First Anniversary: PnV’s Fashionablymale Magazine

Today we’re celebrating our First Anniversary of PnV’s Fashionablymale Magazine, let’s see a letter from Editor Tom Peaks and highlight the best features.

Letter From Editor Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

It’s the 1 year birthday for PnV’s Fashionablymale Magazine. A collaboration that has been both fun and at other times, a stressful challenge. I worried ‘how will ever get enough content?’ Yet, sometimes, we’ve had too much! I guess that’s a good problem.

It’s been a dedicated volunteer staff. We always work through it…even though sometimes we want to kill each other! I think Chris Cruz at Fashionably Male has brought us a wonderful platform. The staff of myself and Chris Chase are always balancing our professional, paying jobs in the “real world” while still devoting considerable time to the publication. And photographer Tyson Vick has done an outstanding job with the layout and design of the magazine. Plus, we have other contributors whom I hope to integrate more into the staff in the future.

Going forward, we aim to focus on the 3 F’s: Fashion, Fitness & Fresh Faces. This magazine centers primarily on models…who are these handsome men?…I want to paint a picture with images and sometimes the words spoken by these mysterious young man while balancing the publication into these 3 “F” realms. We have some awesome plans for the future. I can’t wait for you to see them!

In the meantime, let’s reflect on the first year with 6 dazzling issues.

Several favorite features for me in this inaugural year:

Mason Kreidt (Jan/Feb 2020)

I admit, I love blondes and Mason Kreidt is a smart one! I enjoyed his thoughtful interview and those hawt images by Rick Day and Front Model Management.

Lance Parker (Oct, 2019)

Lance Parker for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 03 cover

He’s the total jock with a brain and made for a great interview. He really answers questions brilliantly…you get a connection with him. He’s a guy who knows what he wants and yet humble and professional.

Dorian Reeves (Oct, 2019)

Dorian Reeves for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 03

Dorian has always been a favorite fo mine. H was high profile when modeling in New York but I feel people forget about him since he moved back to Edmonton. We did a fun shoot last summer at Accidental Beach. And Dorian makes for a great interview.

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Austin Scoggin (Oct, 2019)

Austin Scoggin by Henry Wu for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 0

Okay, so Austin is on my Mt. Rushmore of male models. Sometimes, Io call him a man/child because he loves Disney, Pokemon, Aquaman and..! Henry Wu captured Austin for us in Muscle Beach.

Levi McLeod (Aug, 2019)

Levi McLeod by Ted Sun for PnvFashionablymale Magazine Issue 02

One of the sexiest and best kept secrets in modeling. This boy’s star should be ringing. And his interview is totally cerebral and emotionally on point. People should get to know this one! And I truly loved the shoot in Seattle by Ted Sun.

Kyle Kriesel (May, 2019)

Kyle was a blast. His interview was awesome and the sexy shoot by Lester Villarama was everything you could ask for. This was my first project on the magazine where I planned out the shoot, photographer & model. And it’s still one of my favorites.

Sean Daniels (May, 2019)

A shoot by Brian Kaminski capturing a very retro jock vibe to the ‘80’s with gorgeous Sean Daniels. It was pure sexy and people really enjoyed this shoot. And Sean is a babe!

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From Chris Cruz @fashionablymale

365 days has passed since we build this project, I want to thanks firs of all to all the people involved in this project, photographers, models agencies, representative agents, assistants, stylists, make up artists, and obviously all this models who’ve dedicated their times to make this project happened.

I’m gonna list my favorite ones, but before that, I have to thank to Editor Tom Peaks, cause without his help this project couldn’t be done. Thanks to Chris Chase, that he always reach out and look out for the best content to present in the mag. And thanks to Tyson Vick, photographer who is doing the fabulous layout of our magazine. Thanks a lot. Here’s for another year.

Tommy (Jan/Feb 2020)

Tommy for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04 Jan/Feb 2020

When photographer Victor Guillen and stylist J.J. Ortiz presented to me this great idea of having in the magazine Tommy, I just flipped out of how stunning this idea was. Spanish model Tommy came to slay in this editorial presented in the Issue 04 Jan/Feb 2020.

Alex Sewall (Jan/Feb 2020)

Alex Sewall by Chuck Thomas for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04 Digital Only

Having Alex Sewall fronts a DOUBLE Issue of Jan/Feb 2020 for PnV’s FM is a dream come true, also because this work by photographer Chuck Thomas is incredible good. Also we have to mention the great interview by Chris Chase is doing in the following work. Alex Sewall is again in the current magazine.

Guido Benitez (Jan/Feb 2020)

Guido Benitez for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04 Jan/Feb 2020

When Tom talked to me about Guido, I fell in love of this project, and then after hundred emails with Joan Crisol, they gathered around, shot this stunning material in Madrid, and placed in the DOUBLE Issue 04. Thanks so much for this Guido and Joan.

Oleksandr Kalinovskyi (Jan/Feb 2020)

Oleksandr Kalinovskyi by Ted Sun for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04 Digital Only

Having Oleksandr in an alternative front cover for DOUBLE Issue 04 means so much, Oleksandr has so much appeal when he’s in from of the camera, Ted Sun presented to me this idea for the magazine, and we couldn’t refuse having this material with us.

Ripp Baker (May, 2019)

A digital cover only Muscle model Ripp Baker fronts with pictures by David Vance for the May 2019 issue. Because one cover is not enough, Ripp Baker in a fantasy-esque theme shot by legendary Miami based photographer; having David Vance is like a dream come true, Tom Peaks did a very good job setting this work to place in the mag.

Thank you so much, let’s make for another year! Don’t forget to enter to win in the INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY:

  1. bengee2b

    thank you immensely for all you’ve done to create such a wonderful publication! Wonderfully done, tasteful, professional in every way……thank you very much indeed!!

    • fashionablymale

      Thanks to you for stepping by and take your time to reading this article.

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