Fresh Footwear of 2020: The Best Sneakers For Men Available Now

Fresh Footwear of 2020: The Best Sneakers For Men Available Now

The average lifespan for casual walking shoes or running shoes is six months to a year. Take a look in your closet. Chances are, you have some worn-out sneakers that need to be replaced.

When you’re looking for new sneakers, functionality is key. Here’s a list of top fake sneakers online. But, aesthetics is equally just as important. Imagine purchasing a pair of sneakers that you don’t think look cool. It’ll be a waste of money since they’ll probably sit in your closet and wait to be used. 

Instead, take a look at some of the best sneakers for men in 2020. But before that, check on to Loop King Wholesale Laces first and then we’ve put together our list sneakers of all types of styles that receive top marks for function and style.

Best for Running

Nike is always at the top of the list for the hottest new sneakers, and they haven’t disappointed this year. The Nike React Infinity Flyknit By You combines top running technology with customizable style. Choose from artists’ designs or upload a custom shoe design. Nike will custom-print the design on your shoe and have it delivered within three weeks. Nike’s flyknit technology also ensures lightweight stability for more endurance while you’re running.

React Infinity Flyknit By You

Best Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes have outgrown their original purpose. While they were initially used for their great traction and comfort, tennis shoes these days can also be a great casual shoe. We’ve picked the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 as our best tennis shoe for 2020. Available May 9, the shoe boasts a sleek design with a tan and green color palette. With Adidas’ patented sole grip on the bottom, you can wear the shoe out and about or even for exercising at the gym.

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Yeezy is the name brand for Adidas’ seven-year collaboration with Kanye West, which has since grown into a full clothing line. Through Kanye’s fame and the limited edition of the Yeezy Boosts, chances are they’ll sell out quickly. If you can get your hands on Yeezys, you’ll have some of the most coveted sneakers of 2020.

Best Retro Sneakers

Vintage and retro styles have come back in full force. Some of the coolest looking shoes in 2020 are old styles resurrected. Our favorite retro sneakers are authentic Air Jordans. Popularized in the early ‘90s, these shoes are here to stay. While they’re excellent basketball shoes, they also make a great statement as casual sneakers.

Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro DMP

The Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro DMP was released in March 2020 in black with gold and white finished that match with anything. 

Best High-Tops

High-tops are a great option for everything from basketball to skateboarding and just kicking it. While plenty of high-tops have been iconic for years (Converse and Vans come to mind), some newcomers are helping to shape sneaker fashion for years to come.

The Balenciaga Speed Trainer is a unique high top that’s essentially a sock sewn to a sole. The “sock” portion is made from stretch-knit fabric to create a snug fit that doesn’t require laces. Slip them on for a unique fit that looks great with shorts or long pants.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer

Though the Balenciaga shoes are pretty pricey, they’re one of the first brands to release the unique sock and sole style.

Best Plimsolls

You may not be familiar with the term plimsoll, but you probably see these shoes in your everyday life. Plimsolls are all made with canvas material attached to a rubber sole. Most slip-on shoes are plimsolls, but they can also be classic low tops and high-top shoes. Vans and Converse are some of the most popular brands selling plimsoll shoes. They’re known for their flat sole, but they’re known to be comfortable for both children and adults.

Superga Cotu Classic

We’ve picked the Superga Cotu Classic as the best plimsoll for 2020. This shoe is sturdier than most plimsolls, and it also provides excellent sole cushion. You can choose from dozens of prints and patterns to fit your style.

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Best Chunky Sneakers

We can’t complete this list without a pair of chunky shoes when it comes to trendy means sneakers in 2020. The “dad shoe” or “ugly shoe” trend appeared around 2018, and it’s still going strong. Ironically enough, some of the most expensive brands have hopped on the ugly shoe trend, including Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.

Puma LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers

Our top pick for best chunky sneakers has a lower price point than any luxury brand. We’ve picked the Puma LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers. Though these chunky shoes still take on Puma’s well-known streamlined aesthetic, the bold colors and thick sole are still on-trend.

Best Classic Sneakers

The oldest styles are some of the best looking sneakers for a reason. Despite the latest trends, we keep returning the same styles over and over again. We’ve selected Vans Old Skool sneakers as the best classic sneaker. Though they were once popularized by skater culture, you can find someone wearing a pair of these sneakers almost anywhere you go.

Vans Old Skool

Though they’re plimsolls made with a rubber sole and canvas shoe, they offer a decent amount of support. Vans is also known for its wide selection of colors and patterns so you can choose the shoe that matches your style.

Best Casual Sneakers

At the end of the day, the coolest sneakers should be the pair that you want to wear everywhere. In 2020, the best casual sneakers are the Allbirds Wool Runners. These shoes hit the market in 2014 and have since grown to one of the most popular sneaker brands.

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They’re popular because of their sustainable materials and neutral prints that go with everything. The shoe design is sleek, yet the sneakers still feature a supportive sole that’s great for running and exercising.

Allbirds Wool Runners

How to Find the Best Sneakers for Men

Before you can pick your next pair of sneakers, determine what you need and what you like. We’ve laid out some of the most popular sneaker styles on the market today, but we haven’t covered everything.

Consider everything from material, color, design, laces and soles. The best sneakers for men should provide support and function for everyday use while also matching your personal style. Once you’ve narrowed down your favorite styles, be sure to try on your final options to get a feel for comfort and wear ability.

For more content about the latest trends and styles, visit our blog.

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