What is the Point of a Smart School Uniform?

What is the Point of a Smart School Uniform?

Today, there are many innovations in any area of human life, in particular education. Young people can hold online lessons with a tutor to improve their academic performance or attract experts from the Internet to writing a thesis paper, download electronic textbooks and watch learning videos, use time management apps to attend lectures and perform all assignments in time, develop team projects with groupmates using instant messengers and share course materials in social networks. There are tablets, smart desks, and boards in modern classrooms. Increased attention is paid to virtual reality able to turn education into an exciting adventure.

One more promising tend is a smart uniform. Like a usual one, it equates all students, helps them focus on studying rather than the financial state of their families, erases boundaries between social categories. Special clothing is a sign of discipline at school. Young people learn to care for their neat appearance and keep clothes in a tidy state. In addition, administration may try to make students more cohesive and loyal to their educational institution. They turn into the members of a closed, privileged community proud of their collective values. 

But apart from standard features, a smart uniform has some additional functions described in this article prepared by the experts from pro-papers.com.

What is a smart uniform?

In 2005, the first school clothes with GPS navigators were manufactured by Ogo-Sangyo, designed to help parents track their children’s location and control attendance via tablets and smartphones. If running into a dangerous situation, a child can use a special button to send an alarm signal to security officers.

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In Brazil, chips are hidden under school symbols on students’ T-shirts. When a person enters a school, sensors send a signal to parents showing that one is in a building. If one is late, moms and dads also receive appropriate notification. 

It is hard to disagree that a smart uniform is a great tool for ensuring students’ safety and enhancing academic performance. At the same time, it has drawbacks of a psychological nature. Young people feel like prisoners who have to obey strict rules and cannot make independent decisions. It seems that professors and parents do not trust them, think that they are way too thoughtless and irresponsible to live their lives without supervision. Therefore, smart clothing provokes children’s alienation from adults and turns education into an unpleasant duty. 

But there are no perfect technologies and approaches. So let’s return to the advantages of a smart uniform. After all, it is much more comfortable and practical than a regular one. 


It is well known that young people like to play in the open air after classes, behave very actively and can change clothes very quickly. It is not easy for parents to keep their kids’ wardrobe in order. Smart costumes can be used quite a long time thanks to staining and waterproof characteristics. Materials used for sewing them do not lose good appearance in any weather. There is no need to be afraid of stains and moisture. It is also important that a smart uniform protects students from colds. 

No ironing

Nobody likes to spend time in the morning on ironing clothes. It is very convenient that smart costumes exempt their owners from this unpleasant duty. No matter what students do and how they crush their costumes, special materials are always plain and neat. Most manufacturers use heat-activated fabrics. It is necessary to hang clothes after washing. After drying, they will look like ironed thoroughly. 

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Scuff-resistant shoes

It is very disappointing to see scratches on new shoes. But this will not happen if a student wears a smart uniform. Scuff-resistant materials serve longer than usual ones. In addition, manufacturers use special technology killing harmful bacteria inside shoes and reducing the risk of fungous diseases.

Straight posture

Children grow very quickly. Their health in adulthood depends on whether all systems and organs are formed correctly in childhood and adolescence. In particular, great significance is attributed to posture. Smart uniform developers have taken this nuance into account and created costumes with an orthopedic effect. They have placed an elastic posture holding construction under a lining. Students can walk and sit with straight backs without any inconveniences. If trying to stoop, they experience unpleasant feelings due to construction’s tension and return to a proper position. 

As you can see, smart uniforms have many important advantages and should become an indispensable part of school life. Such clothes are useful to both adults and students. Many projects were realized for this innovation, and great results were obtained. Developers create new models, come up with additional functions, and this direction is going to progress.

As a result, kids should receive comfortable, durable and safe clothing which will ensure better academic results and simplify their parents’ lives. Young people will have dry shoes, proper posture, strong health and great appearance in any weather, under any conditions. There is no doubt that modern schools cannot do without smart clothes. 

The important issue to be considered is the way how professors and parents will acquaint children with unusual costumes. It is very important to explain that GPS navigators are necessary for protecting learners and not controlling them, that moms and dads trust their children and just want to know that everything is right. Then the useful innovation will not be perceived with enthusiasm and not protest or resentment.

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