Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male cover

Exclusive Interview with Adrian shots by Adrián C. Martín

“To be in nude is art for me, is something natural, people shouldn’t be alarmed.” Deeper thoughts expressed–you can see in an Exclusive Interview with Adrian shots by Adrián C. Martín.

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

He’s a hot Spanish muscle model, he’s not new on the scene, we’ve published Adrian in the past all his photos are taken by Spanish photographer Adrián C. Martín, this project is new for us, in exclusive for Fashionablymale.net

FM: Hi Adrian, thanks to be here with us. We’ve known you thanks to Adrián C. Martín, we want to know your stats, height, weight and where are you from?

AHC: I’m so delighted that you continue to meet me! I’m 5’6″ and 163lb. I’m from Spain, and I live in Canary Islands currently at Tenerife islands.

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

Originally you are a GoGo Dancer, tell us how you started? Did you always like to dance?

About GoGo Dancer. Eveything started because of a friend who saw me dancing and she told me that I should dance in some club. So I contacted to a friend who’s also a male dancer and I contacted to others and I started dancing in locals club around the Island.

“Although I have been offered to dance in countries such as Mexico or China, I have preferred to limit myself to the Canary Islands because for me it has always been a passing thing.”


“My favorite place on the island is the HG Disco Bar, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a gay bar with an exquisite atmosphere in which I feel at home.”

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

How did you start modeling for photographers, what were your beginnings?

Because of my physique (I have trained a lot from a very young age) photographers have always contacted me to work with them. After evaluating it, I took the step, although I admit that the first few times were not entirely satisfactory and I did not feel very comfortable with the photographers I worked with.


The question that many have asked me is about your tattoo on your pelvis, what does it mean to you, and when did you do it?

The pelvic tattoo is a statement of intent. It means that I am the king of my own life, that no one can dominate my life, my principles, my morals, my thoughts. Nothing. It is challenging, yet seductive and intriguing. All the tattoos I have have a meaning.

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

Showing the naked body is something that many find difficult, how can you describe what it means to show your naked body in front of people or the camera?

Showing the body in the nude is difficult when you are not comfortable with the environment. Adrián C. Martín (my photographer) manages to make you feel comfortable, treats you with respect and makes work flow in an easy, pleasant and creative way. Makes you be part of the creative process.

“To be in nude is art for me, is something natural, people shouldn’t be alarmed. The best things in life and the most pleasant are done without clothes.”

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

How did you meet Adrián C. Martín? What do you like about Adrián that you have always worked with him again.

I met Adrián C. Martín through Facebook 7 years ago. We met for the first time to do a test and from that moment on, I was very confident. After that first time, we have not stopped working together of all styles. To this day, I consider him a good friend, I appreciate him and I love him, and I know he does too. He is a great person, that is what keeps us working together and does not change him for anyone. He has helped me a lot in many aspects: on a personal level, on a social level, with photography and also to continue making myself known through his work. I do not change it. He is very transparent and very respectful.

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What was it like for you to go through isolation / Quarantine, what did you do on the Day? Did you follow any special diet, did you continue training at home?

The quarantine has made me lose patience and pull out some nerves. It has exhausted me mentally. To distract myself I have started training at home, walking my dog and I’m trying to study, although it has been very difficult to concentrate due to the state of alarm in the country.

I have not following any sort of special diet, I eat so much arepas and pizzas. In fact, I eat everything I found at home.

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

What are your plans after quarantine?

When the quarantine is over, the first thing I will do is train in the gym, with so much heavy weight and good machinery. Losing the fear of having a normal life with my friends. Wait for someone to call me from my job to take it back. Basically what everyone hopes to do.

It’s time for our FLASH-BULB ROUND questions.

––Whats the best Club to dance in Spain?

For those I know and have danced in: HG Disco Bar, in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Also Papagayo Beach Club in Costa Adeje, in the south of the island.

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

––What do people like about your body?

It varies a lot depending to whom you ask. They tell me a lot about the butt, arms and abs.

––Tell us something that people not know about you, but you’d like to share?

What people does not know about me is that I love my pet Trusca for all above people. Also that all my acts have a reason, there is nothing I do that does not have a why.

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

––How you sleep during nights?

At night I sleep with a extra thin fabric shorts. And if it is very hot, naked.

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––What part of your body you like the most to train in the gym?

I like to train all parts of the body, chest and legs is what most. The least, are shoulder workouts.

––What will we see in your Only Fans?

In my OnlyFans (onlyfans.com/adrianhcfit) you will see what cannot be shown anywhere else. I don’t have much modesty, so I show myself as I am. Of course, the content is only for brave people.

Adrian by Adrián C. Martín for Fashionably Male

Thanks Adrian, some words for all your followers, (not only in Spain, in America you have many!)

Where can we follow you?

I sincerely thank all who follow me from anywhere in the world. Thank you for each comment, each like, each reaction, each message. Without them right now I would not be responding to this interview, nor would I be who I am today. Thank you.

Instagram: @Adrianhcfit
OnlyFans: @adrianhcfit
Photography Adrián C. Martín @adriancmartin

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