Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND cover

Smithers Swimwear An Australian Brand Launches ‘REBOUND’ for Pride Month

Fashionably Male presents Smithers Swimwear An Australian Brand who Launches ‘REBOUND’ for Pride Month 2020.

Welcome to Smithers Swimwear who offers bold and cool designs for the modern day man the Australian brand come to conquer America with their new garments, you need to check it out.

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

The garment we’re going to present is Rainbow REBOUND

It’s bold, bright and colourful taking inspiration from the rainbow flag. Not only is a rainbow symbolic of the LGBTQ+ community, there is a deeper meaning behind each of the colours on the flag which we have incorporated into the Rebound design:

  • Life | Red
  • Healing | Orange
  • Sunlight | Yellow
  • Nature | Green
  • Harmony/Peace | Blue
  • Spirit | Purple/Violet
Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

About Smithers Swimwear

Australian premium swimwear label that has been designed with the modern day gentleman in mind. Their primary focus is on quality: quality of the product, and the quality of the character of the man wearing our garments.

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

Their inspiration is by a family saying; “speak less than you know, have more than you show”,the motto acts a pillar for the Smithers brand and is reflected in their humble approach to the industry, their consideration for detail, and their timeless designs.

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

Australia has a proud tradition for producing some of the world’s best swimwear and their craftsmanship and enduring styles will indeed keep that tradition alive. 

Plus, a mature approach to men’s swimwear brings style, elegance and sophistication to the shores, coastlines and poolsides around the world.

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

The reviews that Smithers’ costumers has given is very positive, “I love my new swimsuit. Great fit around the legs and bum. The pastel shades against my chocolate skin really accentuates my darker features” comments Baz Lyndon from Sydney about ‘Diablo’ another garment from the brand.

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Fittingly named “Rebound”

This year has brought us a new way of thinking and reinvent ourselves, the world has living very difficult moments, but is time to “brighten the vibe”, Smithers is spreading hope and optimism with their bold and powerful new print, Rebound.

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

Fittingly named “Rebound” the design provokes a sense of resilience and a forward focused approach. The pandemic together with the Black Lives Matter movement has provided an opportunity to broaden our thinking, reflect on our values, and to recalibrate. Thinking beyond COVID—19 and the battles for justice, how can we as individuals ‘bounce back’ and rebound better than we once were?

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

The REBOUND print by Smithers is a vehicle to help colour the world with life, healing, spirit, and peace. 

Allow you to be dare, allow you to be wild with this brand new swimsuit by Smithers

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

“Every June for Pride month, people around the world gather to celebrate the power of inclusion and that perspective resonates more than ever right now.”

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND
BTW: An Online festival of LGBTI Art, Cinema, Trivia, Debates, Sports, Fundraising Activities and Club Events across Sydney from 4th till 30th June 2020.
Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

Let’s get a pair of Smithers’ Rainbow REBOUND

In different parts of the world are facing the new normality a new way of enter to socialize–but stay 6 feet distance apart–some beaches are re-opening, some cities are entered to phase 2 which means bars, clubs, casinos are going to re-open but under control.

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

If you’re going to the beach you can easily wear this iconic rainbow pattern swimsuit.

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We recommended you Smithers Swimwear, not only because they have cool designs and bring the classic swim brief to a new way you support a local brand and be part or as an ally in the LGBTQ+ community.

Limited to just a handful of garments, the Rebound print will be on sale for the month of June only.

Smithers Swimwear Rainbow REBOUND

You can purchase a pair right here and automatically Smithers will ship worldwide.

Smithers Swimwear Site: Smithers.store
IG: @smithers.swimwear

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