Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male cover

Exclusive Interview with Ryan — A Great Performer You Need To Meet

Exclusive Interview with Ryan — A Great Performer You Need To Meet, we have an exclusive interview let’s scroll down and enjoy.

Gymnast, Aerial specialist, fitness coach and certified yoga instructor, let’s meet this gorgeous performer. Ryan comments in exclusive for fashionablymale.net “I have also been very fortunate to work on several creative projects for celebrities such as P!nk, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift, with feature aerial acrobatic collaborations that appeared in both world tours and live music award shows.”

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

Fashionably Male: Hi Ryan, would you please introduce yourself. Weight and height? Age? Hair. And eye color? What is your hometown? Where is your current residence?

“I started gymnastics when I was 7 years old and eventually became a member of the Canadian National Team with the sport of Power Tumbling.  I represented Canada at 3 World Championships and was in the top 5 in my country for 5 years.  While I was pursuing a degree in Kinesiology, I auditioned for Cirque Du Soleil and received formal training to be a replacement artist for upcoming and existing projects.  My love for circus arts and performing quickly took over and I moved to the US to work with a production company in San Diego.  3 years later I auditioned for a show in Las Vegas and landed a role in Le Rêve-The Dream at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  I was part of the original cast for 11 years.”

I’m originally from Windsor, Ontario Canada. I’m 5’5 and 150lbs, 40 years old (July 5th), brown hair, brown eyes. I split my time now between Las Vegas, British Columbia and Brisbane Australia. 

I love and miss traveling! Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to visit many countries including Mexico, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Denmark, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Thailand, Bali, Bahrain, Spain, and the UK.

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Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

For me, any creative outlet to help foster self-expression and to help others is where I want my work to take me!


About his family

I met my loving husband 5 years ago while I was hosting an event in Orlando, and we have been happily married for 3 years (as of June 3rd).

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

FM: When did you start to modeling?, when was your first shooting?

Modeling has always just been a fun and creative outlet for me on the side for friends practicing their photography skills. My first modeling job was live at a tradeshow back in 2005 or 2006, for an underwear/swimwear brand called N2N out of LA.

FM: Guys can be nervous and uncomfortable in their first nude or swimwear / underwear shooting, did you feel uncomfortable or nervous?

Ironically my first job was at a tradeshow in Las Vegas so yes I was a bit nervous to be seen in just my underwear by thousands of attendees. By the end of the day, I felt pretty comfortable and I continued to model for N2N for a few years and then modeled for an Australian brand Cocksox several years later.

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

FM: How did you find motivation in this new era we’re living now? Does isolation affect your daily routine ?

Isolation has really affected my daily routine.  As a professional acrobat, my livelihood is through creative work and training, and unfortunately, the entertainment industry has really been hit hard. We are accustomed to training daily to keeping up our skills and conditioning our bodies to maintain strength.  I’ve had to get creative with my workouts at home, and having no access to gyms or facilities to train. I’ve switched my mindset over to my yoga training and breathwork to help stay grounded so that when we can return to work and training I will be ready. 

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

“When I am not jumping, swinging or hanging in the air, I enjoy strength training, teaching and practicing yoga, and meditation.”

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FM: Pride is coming, in some major cities is cancelled, how are you spend Pride celebrations?

I will spend Pride month celebrating with my husband and family.  No major celebrations, however, we will continue to support organizations and our community however we can.

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

“While not on stage I gave back to the community organizing and directing benefit shows to help raise funds and awareness for two charities: Aid for AIDS of Nevada and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.”

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

Now, the Fashionably Male FLASH BULB ROUND! Rapid responses only.

Favorite place to vacation? Mexico

What 2 parts of your body garner the most compliments? My bum and my biceps! 

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

Favorite sin food? Anything sour!

1 sweet and 1 bad personal characteristics you have?  I love to give hugs, and I’m hard on myself.

Favorite brand of underwear? I have so many. Cocksox, N2N, The Pack Underwear, Baskit, Addicted, JJ Malibu just to name a few!

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

Thong, jockstrap, brief or boxer? You name it, I’ll wear it!

What do you wear to bed most nights? Usually just briefs, I’ve never felt comfortable sleeping in the buff!

Where can we reach you Ryan? @ryflips on instagram.

Ryan Lyons Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male

And words you want to say to all your fans and followers during this complicated times?

We often do not know what others are going through, so please show kindness, love, and respect to everyone. Life might feel like it has slowed down and maybe this is a lesson for a lot of us. Let this time be a gentle reminder for us to be fortunate for what we have. We need to take care of each other and teach love not hate

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Cast Ryan @ryanflips
Photography Alex Budin @alexbudinphotography

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