Looking your best in the casino

Looking your Best in the Casino

There are few better experiences than walking into a glamorous casino and drawing looks from your fellow players, not just because of your gambling prowess but because of your sartorial elegance as well.

Having said that, casinos are tricky places when it comes to fashion and choosing the right outfit. There are varying dress codes at every establishment, so it’s a good idea to be prepared with a few outfit choices to ensure that you’re never under or overdressed. 

In this article we cover all the bases to ensure that you’re never caught out with your fashion choices at the roulette table.

Casino de Monte Carlo – Ultra Formal

When you think of an evening at the casino your mind probably conjures images of fictional British spy James Bond. 007 has had numerous trips to world famous casinos and every time he has dressed to impress in a smart and stylish fashion.

Wearing a tuxedo might make you feel like legendary spy James Bond at the casino.

If you’re going to a similarly glamorous venue like the stunning and historic Casino de Monte Carlo, then you need to style yourself appropriately. The dress codes in casinos like these are understandably strict, so smart casual is a definite no-no.

To turn heads, opt for a fresh tux with shawl collars with a modern, rounded shape to give your tux a bit of panache. Notch lapels can give your look a more contemporary feel too making you feel more comfortable than you might feel in a bog-standard tux.

The Bellagio – Smart Casual

Almost every casino in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas runs a relaxed dress code, but that’s no reason to rest on your laurels and turn up to the table dressed like a slob. The Bellagio is perhaps the most famous on the strip, if you’re visiting, you’ll want to make an effort.

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Fulvio Maiani and Fashion Editor Huma Humayun team up to create this James Bond inspired editorial with art direction by Raoul Keil, for the latest issue of Schön! magazine. Models Constanza Saravia and River Viiperi took the leading roles in the shoot, wearing pieces from Hugo Boss.

Whilst the dress code is relaxed, casino owners have gone to some effort to create a luxurious vibe at The Bellagio. The interior and exterior are bedecked with beautiful architecture and ornate decorations. You’ll notice that dealers and croupiers are dressed to impress in fine clothes to create an exclusive feel. 

In a venue like The Bellagio though, smart casual is your best bet, to feel comfortable but also to portray your gambling credentials. Go for dark jeans, no rips, a designer belt and some smart but comfortable leather shoes. On the top pick out a smart yet comfortable shirt and top it off with a dark coloured sports jacket, left open to display your shirt.

The Local Casino – Laid Back

Almost every town and city in the country has at least one casino, with only a small handful playing home to what you would truly class as glamorous and prestigious casinos. The rest are made up with standard chain casinos that may provide great games but don’t exactly capture the imagination in the same way as their glitzier counterparts.

Daily Standards by Pull & Bear. Where quality designs, updated fittings and neat finish result in easy outfits for men's everyday challenges. Photography by Clement Pascal, Creative Director by Joao Moraes.
The dress code in your local casino should be so relaxed that you could turn up in almost anything. Try going for a nice pair of jeans with a comfortable hoody to mix comfort with a nice casual look and vibe.

If you’re heading down to your local casino and want to avoid a fashion faux pas, ditch your formal attire and go for something much more laid-back. You don’t want to get confused with the croupiers by dressing too smart!

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Pick out a nice pair of denim jeans or chinos and pair them with some white trainers and a casual t-shirt or polo. If you really want to relax in comfort, you can even go for a spacious hoody which should make you feel nice and comfortable for a long poker session.

The Online Casino – Comfort First

More and more people are turning to online casinos for their gambling fun now, rather than visiting land-based venues. If you’re a fan of gambling on your phone, laptop or tablet then you needn’t worry about any strict dress codes, you can play in your pants if you want! Although you might want to put a little more thought into your outfit choices than that. 

Looking your best in the casino cover
f you’re unsure as to what smart casual really means, imagine what you’d wear to meet a client for lunch and go with that.

While you might be in your loungewear, to recreate the luxury vibe of many upmarket land-based casinos, expect to see croupiers dressed in their best in live casino environments. This is one of the key features that online casinos have recreated in the digital world so that players at home can get the same glamorous feel they would in a land-based casino. At esteemed places like 888 Casino you’ll find great games and a live casino with real dealers, a perfect recreation of the real-life experience for you to enjoy online.

You can gain the edge over your opponents in long and arduous games by dressing for ultra-comfort. Grab those sweatpants from out of the wardrobe, tuck on your slippers and pull a fluffy jumper over your head. 

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Essentially dress as if you were getting ready for a long-haul flight, if you’re comfortable, you’ll perform better and hopefully walk away with some tidy winnings at the end of the night.


There is no one way to dress for a visit to the casino as it all depends on the dress code of a specific casino as well as the clientele that it attracts. If you want to get the James Bond experience search out your local alternative to the Casino de Monte Carlo and dust off that tux.

Although bear in mind that this look will make you stand out like a sore thumb if you go to the cheap no-thrills casino down the road. Always remember though, your ultimate goal for visiting a casino should be to have fun, so never wear something you’re not totally comfortable in.

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