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Happy Father’s Day to 10 Top Male Models in 2020

It’s time to celebrate, Happy Father’s Day to 10 Top Male Models in 2020, despite living in a chaotic world, let’s mention some models who’ve become parents this year.

A celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in the fashion world. No matter your race, gender or age, being a father is about caring, support and love for your childs only.

Let’s see the next list examples of loving parents:

Keith Laue

Father of one beautiful girl name Lily, the fitness model Keith Laue is a proud dad and today he celebrates this important day for many Americans. This UT Austin engineering handsome man stars in the issue 04 of PnV’s Fashionablymale Magazine in a stunning pictorial set by photographer Carlos Salazar.

Wayne Skivington

Performer, gymnastic acrobat and fitness athlete Wayne Skivington who appears in the issue 05 of PnV’s Fashionablymale Magazine is always sharing good workout with his son Rowan.

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Adonis Bosso

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He’s a real popular male model in the fashion buzz, Adonis has been all around the world with his billboards ads and walking for so many fashion brands, he’s a father of a beautiful baby girl “Let’s built a world where our children can laugh happily and freely.”

Colby Lefebvre

Trainer & Model, he’s a Skydiving Coach, a Professional skydiver, Tandem Instructor and now full time 24/7 daddy San Diego based Colby Lefebvre father of a gorgeous boy Kainoa. “I love you Kainoa. With all that I am. I will always be here for you no matter how far away you are.”

Burton B. & Dustin Patrick

Instagram influencers gay dads Burton B. & Dustin Patrick blessed with twins, “as a same-sex couple, we are continuously trying to break stereotypes.”

“It’s important to show that fathers can be so much more than how we are commonly portrayed.”

Burton B.

Matt Trethewey

In 2018 Matt’s baby Olive debuted on Esquire’s Big Black Book edition. Matt is a British based Select Model signed and he has been so active as a fashion model for big brands and editorials, “what a special experience sharing the set with my beautiful daughter, it’s one I’ll never forget. 🌸🌟”

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Amitai Gindel

Instagram model gymnast and now father of one little boy in Switzerland, Amita Gindel debuts as a papa in December 2019 when he and his husband shared the big news. “In a surrogacy procedure there are three main parts involved: The sperm that belongs to one of the fathers, the egg donor and a 3rd: the surrogate, who ‘only’ carries the pregnancy.” Amitai is a good example of how things are working in a surrogacy procedure, is not simple but is not impossible.

Matthew Noszka

Back in May, Matt surprised to all the world with a big news: “My baby is having a baby” the also actor is having his first child with model Inanna a Canadian social media personality and actress. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

Andre Luis Brunelli

Husband and father to Kylie, Andre Luis Brunelli is a Brazilian origine but in 2019 he became American citizen, he’s a model of NEXT Models and LA Models. Currently living in Miami, Andre is for sure the new definition of the “American Boy”. He attended North Georgia University on a full soccer scholarship and is 100% dedicated to his modeling career.

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Caio Cesar

Caio is a Brazilian male model recognize in America and Europe. He’s married to Raquel Santolaya and they both have a child together. They currently live in Los Angeles, Caio is still working as a male model.

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