Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps cover

Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps!

Why would you want to make your own backpack when you can choose from thousands to find the right one for you? Well, we live in a prefab world that lacks originality, that’s why. When you make things yourself, you can put your own spin on it and make it uniquely yours. Having a one of a kind backpack is a great way to show your own style and reject conformity.

Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps

Even if you aren’t particularly handy and aren’t used to sewing or making things from scratch, you can easily DIY your very own backpack to surprise your friends and probably even yourself. 

Any style you like is possible from an industrial chic look to something more refined. And that is the beauty of making your own. Pulling one off of the shelves is usually just settling for something you are not 100% crazy about.

Read on for the steps you need to follow to make your own backpack!

1 – Create the design

You don’t actually have to be a designer for this part, you just have to know what you want and then be able to sketch it out roughly so you have something to follow later. First make a list of all the features that you want it to have. This way you can add them point by point once you start the sketching part of it. 

Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps

Decide what you need the backpack to do. Does it need to hold a laptop securely? What will you be carrying in it? This is when you decide on the pockets and how big it needs to be so you can get an idea of the dimensions.

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At this point you can start to sketch it out. You can do this online as there is lots of design software that will help you do this quickly. Otherwise, just grab a pencil and sketchpad and start out with the dimensions.

Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps

Then draw just the front with the shape of it as it can be a variety. Square is easiest to draw and design and also looks good so this is a good one for your first time doing a DIY backpack.

2 – Choose the material

Now that you have the sketch done and have decided how you want to use the backpack it is time to decide on the material. How you plan to use it will also determine what material to use. 

For instance, if you plan to hike with it, it should be lightweight. If you will be using it at work and it will be in a rough environment then you should consider some type of reinforced material to withstand the rigors of a work site.

Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps

This is also the time to think about the hardware. It should be practical but also stylish. In fact this is where the style of the backpack can really stand out when you choose your own durable snap hooks for instance. They can pair well with the materia you use and also the scope of the use of the backpack. 

3 – Create the pattern

If you don’t already know how to do this then you’ll need to probably watch a couple of videos. 

Then go find some of the tools you need to create a pattern. Some fabric scissors are essential as is a ruled cutting mat

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Use a ruler to help you make straight lines on some sketching paper and then use some other objects for any rounded pieces. A roll of tape can help with this so you don’t need a compass to do this.

Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps

Use the sketch paper first to make the shapes you will need for each piece that you can then use as a guide for when you cut the pieces out of the fabric. Also, when you are buying the fabric, make sure you buy extra because there will surely be pieces that don’t come out right the first time. 

If you feel like you’re not creative enough to do this, you can download some patterns from the internet and then just cut out the ones already designed for you.

4 – Sew it up

Basically work from the inside out and use your sewing machine to piece it all together. If it looks strange at this point, don’t worry. You are going to be turning it inside out when you are done.

Want A Unique Backpack? Make Your Own In 4 Easy Steps

If you don’t know how to use a sewing machine, you can do this by hand. In fact you may want to do this first part by hand using a basting stitch which is a loose stitch that doesn’t tie up so you can make changes if you make a mistake. Then when you have it the way you like, you cam make a tighter, permanent stitch.

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