Ryan Tihinen for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 06 July 2020

Ryan Tihinen for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 06 – July 2020

New face Ryan Tihinen for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 06 – July 2020

Story written by Chris Chase – No one ever said life was going to be easy. In fact all of us will encounter trials and tough moments in our lives. It’s those moments that ultimately define us as people. Do you let those moments defeat you or do you stand tall and fight?

Ryan Tihinen by Aldrin del Carmen for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 06

The interview is very informative and peculiar, Ryan Tihinen has been a friend of Chris Chase since PnV moved to Instagram 5 years ago. He is one of the few models that Chase truly can call his friend.

It’s a rarity in this day and age to find someone who goes out of their way to maintain a friendship for that long. Over the years they’ve bonded over many things. They both have a great love for the game of golf. They both place a high priority on their families and they value integrity.

“We have also shared challenges and discussed how to deal with those. Ryan has never let circumstance define him. He has stood tall (which he already is) and fought back through his faith in God and with the support of an incredible family and girlfriend.”

Chris Chase
Ryan Tihinen  PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 06July 2020

“I hope you enjoy the transcript of our conversation and step away valuing Ryan as much as I do!”

Model Ryan Tihinen @ryan_tihinen
Photography Aldrin Del Carmen @aldrindelcarmen_


PnV Fashionablymale Magazine Issue 06

By Fashionably Male

132 pages, published 7/7/2020

Welcome to Summer July 2020 Issue 06 with 10 hot male models and 132 pages of great content. Full color, black and white photography and a lot of testosterone.


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