Best Advice for Starting a Fashion Design Business

Best Advice for Starting a Fashion Design Business

Starting a business might seem like a utopia for some, but if you looked at the current statistics, you would see that more and more people of all kinds of age are feeling braver about starting a business of their own. This is also why the topic and the name of startups have been so popular lately.

There are many creative people nowadays that choose pahs of graphic design, photography, or fashion design. Today we want to speak in more detail about fashion design – how does one start a successful business in this field? What steps need to be taken in order to run a business like that?

For inspiration, you can check out the top ecommerce platforms for selling apparel online and to know even more about starting a fashion business, check out this guide that we are going to share with you below.

Learn From Others

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If you are serious about starting a fashion design business and always want to take your designs a step further, you will have to step out of your studio. This means following the examples of other successful fashion designers, always learning, and meeting new people who could be useful for your future business development. Nowadays, business is all about the development and the possibilities to expand as much as possible – sitting in your studio quietly, and creating fashion designs is no longer enough for this rough industry.

Decide Who Your Target Audience Is Going to Be

If you wish to be successful and collect high income from any kind of business, you always need to know who your main target audience is. This is very important for many aspects of your business: your branding, your communication style, the style of the clothing, the design of your online store, the way you work with your SEO, and so many more aspects. 

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Always remember that the market for fashion design is very wide. All genders, all ages – absolutely any kind of person could be interested in buying fashion clothing. Therefore you need to sit down and determine what the gender of your main target audience is, what are their hobbies, what is their income, what interests them, and so on.

Never Start With a Bunch of Products

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It is always smart to start small. It is best if you can start with only one product, start promoting and selling it, and see how it goes. Also, have it in mind that you will have to have the same model in all available colors and sizes if you want to please all of the people who want to buy it from you.

Next, you will have to ask yourself a lot of questions. Is your target audience happy about the clothing? Do they like the quality, or were there any complaints? Which sizes and colors were the most popular and what does that say about your chosen target audience, did you choose correctly? For example, if you only planned to make modern hoodies for men and a lot of women started to ask for a female model, maybe you should rethink who your most promising target audience could be?

Perform a Pricing Research

When you start to think about pricing, you need to think about a few moments. First of all, you need to evaluate how much it costs to sew one item of clothing, how many taxes you will pay, how many electricity or other tools and time you need to produce it, and always make sure you are making a profit out of it and it’s worth doing at all.

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Then, when you know a price that is in your “safe zone”, you need to think about your target audience and their income – is your planned target audience capable of affording it? Understand that a person of a middle class will probably not buy high-end clothing. 

Next, you need to perform pricing research. Look for your competitors in Google Search. If you are selling unique clothing, do not look for similar models – just look for other unique designs that have a similar target audience. Then, make sure that according to the information that you have gathered, your prices are neither too high nor too low in the context of the whole market.

Always Create Additional Value

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It is difficult to come up with an original business idea in these modern times when it sometimes seems that everything is already tried out. Therefore, to stand out, you need to create additional value. For example, you can raise money for an important cause that is associated with the virtues of your brand. 

Or you can help people look even better wearing your designs by creating a blog on your website and sharing tips on how to dress up better – people will have more purpose to come to your website and check out your new designs.

If you truly love helping people look their best, you could also take your talents and become a professional image consultant.

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