Meet Premium Running Apparel: Satisfy Running

After COVID-19, a lot of people become runners. This is a new way to motivate yourself. Meet Premium Running Apparel: Satisfy Running.

Premium running apparel designed in Paris by Brice Partouche. Label inspired in the 1970’s by a new generation picked up running as a rebellious, anti-establishment act.

About Satisfy Running

Inspired by this idea of freedom, satisfy was founded in pursuit of the high. That elusive moment when running frees your mind and you reach a new level of consciousness.

We design to elimiante distractions that prevent us from achieving this higher state. We believe free minds lead to creativity and innovation. And that moments of clarity create beauty and disruption. We strive to remain unsatisfied..

Running is the vehicle risj and innovation are its fuel. With our combined expertise in design, music and technology, we take a multidisciplinary aproach to our work.

We design and prototype all products in our Paris creative studio. Essentialism informs everything we do. Our Fabrics are developed in France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan, and our collections are produced in Europe for Quality and sustainability.

Personal, I’m a runner since 2012, and I never have seen a brand of this caliber. You can’t compare Nike, adidas, ASICS, Puma, The North Face or Under Armour with Satisfy Running.

The process is physical but the destination is not. We designed products inspired by the ego death induced by Long Slow Distance. Keep the body moving and the mind is set free.

Satisfy Running

Googling the name of its founder, Partouche is no stranger to the apparel game. He launched his denim brand April 77 back in 2001, stocking it with skinny stovepipe jeans and lean ur-rocker staples that are commonplace today (in a post-Hedi-at-SLP menswear landscape), but were considered niche back then. But whereas April 77 was born out of Partouche’s love of music, Satisfy stems purely from his newfound love of running—and the community it can create among a group of people who do it together.

Lightweight shorts with 6 pockets so you can run for as long as you want. Weighs 100g.

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2 easy access nutrition pockets hold up to 6 gels so you can run further than ever before. Constructed from hi-vis Aluminum Ripstop.

Sweatproof back zipper pocket to carry credit cards or cash, with 2 separate inner key-pouches to stop them from jingling.

The name itself is derived from the simple pleasure Partouche gets out of running. But unlike the big juggernauts of athletic wear, Satisfy isn’t putting marketing dollars behind campaigns to build a hashtag-fueled community—Partouche wants something more genuine.

In an interview from 2017 with GQ Style, Partouche comments: I grew up in punk rock and skateboarding, and when you do, it’s a movement and it has culture, and it has friendships.

Satisfy Running
Runner @carlpetterleonard 
Photography @davidanddouglas
Runner @carlpetterleonard 
Photography @davidanddouglas

“I didn’t want to belong to some running club, I wanted to do it for myself. It was a way to meditate, and I wasn’t in line with the whole big running club culture. I thought the actual culture of running was about something else and I wanted to explore it.”

Brice Partouche

“Long Slow Distance: it’s a way of getting to know yourself.”

We met the label in 2018 in a Instagram ad, but yesterday the label released their “Long Slow Distance” a campaign fronted by Petter Lundgren a 29 year old fashion stylist “I transitioned into working in marketing at a Swedish fashion brand.”

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The brand present their technology and new fabrics on short shorts. They have 2 different versions for long and short distance runs. The short run shorts which I don’t have a pair basically have no pockets. They’re totally streamlined and meant for short fast runs.

On Reddit: “It’s hands down the best gear I own. The materials are totally next level – super light and moisture wicking, odor repellant and the cut is awesome. If I could afford to I’d run in their stuff exclusively. I just own shorts, shirts and socks. Best running socks I own as well. I also like the style of the clothes, I spend so much fucking time running I may as well enjoy the gear I’m wearing.”


On a similar note I’m glad a lot of people are switching up the outdoor/active market from horrible bright neons (still have their function though, be safe if you’re out there). Nike has been the only one to do this well and affordably in my opinion but they still have heavy branding and other issues.

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Runner @carlpetterleonard
Photography @davidanddouglas

Satisfy Running and its playlist!

With music brackground Brice knows how to rock on your AirPods.

The collection LSD is now for you to shop. Enjoy and get some miles done! Shop satisfyrunning.com

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