Tiger of Sweden Men’s & Women’s Spring 2021 London

The looks of Tiger of Sweden Men’s & Women’s Spring 2021 London

Introducing MOVEMENT

Tiger of Sweden’s first collection of tailored casualwear that is designed for and inspired by forward movement. In our brand’s strive towards sustainability, MOVEMENT is our latest step towards actively and inclusively changing the industry we are in. Crafted with our Fibre standard in mind, this capsule collection strives to serve the needs of consumers who have ever changing lives, through garments which combine style with function, motion with durability and smart cuts with casual ease. We teamed up with @mustafahabdulaziz to shoot this new tailored casualwear collection and find out what movement means to him.

“Collaboration is a fundamental part of any creative endeavor. A part of why I believe so strongly in making my photographic documentation about water comes from the belief that in any area of our passions or any part of our work and lives, we can strive to move forward beyond what we’ve been given to make the world, and ourselves, better.”

Mustafah Abdulaziz

Mustafah, comments via Instagram “When @tigerofswedenofficial asked to collaborate on their new collection, I wanted to try something I’d never done before: a self-portrait series. Their new MOVEMENT Collection is a sign of something moving in the right direction: a commitment to investing in making cotton production more sustainable.”

The health of our planet is the great story of our time. My work on water has shown me what happens when we make poor choices in land usage, raw materials, and waste. Supporting and working with individuals and organizations who believe in the value of sustainable ideas is something we all can do. It keeps us all moving forward, together.

Mustafah Abdulaziz

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