6 Great Gifts for Vape Lovers

What was once a smoking cessation tool has become a fun trend that many swear by. Vaping is versatile, with various additives, settings, and flavors to enhance the user experience.

If you know a passionate vaper, the gift-giving season will be a breeze.

Here are six great gifts that the vape lover in your life will love.

A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are the gift cards of 2020. If there’s something people enjoy, chances are you can find a subscription box covering that hobby or passion— and vaping is no exception. These boxes are fantastic gifts that you can give the person on your list as a one-off or scheduled for repeat deliveries for a gift that keeps on giving.

Grab a vaping subscription box for the vape enthusiast on your list. If they’re also a 4/20 fan, grab them a smoking subscription box from Me Time Box for a wider array of products. 

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A Vape Kit

Starter kits are an excellent gift for vape lovers who are just getting started and want to try new things with vaping. The Sourin Kit is perfect for beginners and experienced vapers alike. However, these kits can also be handy for people who have been vaping for a while, or want to try sub-ohm vaping, as things are always evolving, and new innovations hit the market all the time.

You can also get bundles and sub-ohm kits for more experienced vapers in addition to vaping starter kits. Look around on vaping forums and at customer reviews to find the right kit for the vaper in your life.

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Portable Charger

It seems the more wireless we get, the more challenges we face. A portable charger is a fantastic gift for a vaper on the go to ensure their vape never loses a charge. This gift is incredibly useful for vapers who like to attend festivals or go on grand adventures, which leaves them away from a power source for an extended time.

Find a portable charger that’s compatible with their device as well as their smartphone. Most vape pens charge with a USB outlet, making portable chargers both clever and practical. 

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Photo by Connor Danylenko on Pexels.com

A Custom Storage Case or Stand

For a classy, practical vaping-friendly gift, have a custom storage box or stand made for the vaper in your life. You can get a custom stand in wood or metal, built to keep the vape pen, mods, and juice containers in one convenient location. Vape stands are perfect for keeping everything organized and preventing breakage. 

Vape cases offer the same convenience with more portability. These are ideal for vapers who travel often and need a safe mode of transportation for their vape accessories.

Bluetooth Speaker Mod

For those who don’t know, a vape mod is an alternative to a vape pen. It’s more complicated and tends to produce more vapor. As a mod is more mechanical and larger, it’s more open to innovative upgrades.

One of the best innovations of the past few years is a Bluetooth speaker mod, which allows vapers to jam to their favorite tunes while vaping. Get this fun gift for the vape lover in your life who is also a music lover.

New Vape Juice

Finally, you can’t go wrong with new types of vape juice for the vape lover in your life to try. There are tons of fun flavors, from gummy bears to banana bread to Froot Loops. You can also get a sampler pack with a variety of trial-size flavors so that the recipient can try them without wasting juice.

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Do you have a hard time deciding which vape juice is right for you? ULTRA LIQUID LABS offers a variety of vape juice canada tastes to try.

There are endless options when buying gifts for vape lovers; these six options are just the beginning.

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