A Beginner’s Guide To Building Stylish Vape Kits

A Beginner’s Guide To Building Stylish Vape Kits

Switching from smoking to vaping is a huge step that not every smoker considers taking. However, it’s not only an indication of being more considerate about your health and well-being but also a major statement regarding the brand-new direction you want to take in your life moving forward. Because of that, it’s understandable and logical that you’d want people to know you’ve made the switch. Aside from telling them in a literal way, you can also choose to show them your vape kit.

Vape Kits As A Fashion Statement

It was around 2014 when vaping started to gain immense popularity to the point that you’d see vapers almost everywhere you went. A quick scroll on social media would also reveal how many of your friends have switched to vaping. Since then, vapers and suppliers seem to have reinvented the way vaping presents itself that it can almost be considered a fashion accessory despite it being functional, too.

A Beginner’s Guide To Building Stylish Vape Kits

Vape kits continue to be widely available on the market, and there’s no shortage of tips and tricks on how users can make theirs look more fashionable. Perhaps that’s one of the major reasons more and more people are getting hooked on vaping: it also serves as a fashion statement. With that in mind, vape manufacturers have long let go of the desire to make vaping devices look similar to traditional cigarettes. Today, users can mix and match their devices, go for customized designs, and even find one that matches their unique personality.

Combining Creativity And Individuality

Nowadays, vape kits are just as stylish as street clothes and trendy shoes. For many vapers, it’s all about aiming for creativity without sacrificing their individuality with every vape kit they get. Beginners may be satisfied with buying their first vape kit and using it as is. But those who are starting to build their own customized kits have come to know what can be replaced and how much creativity can be incorporated into their kit to make it stand out and better embody their personality.

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Although most vape kits can be customized, you may still need to verify that with the retailer. You can choose from a pen-style kit, a CBD vape kit, or a sub-ohm vape kit. These kits should already include a tank, coils, a charging cable, and a battery mod.

To get more creative, you can choose to buy a different tank of your preference. You can customize further by installing a drip tip or a mouthpiece that uses a different kind of material than what the kit already came with. Some materials to choose from are hand-blown glass, exotic stones like turquoise and jade, heat-resistant plastics, and stainless steel.

Wrapping Your Device In Printed Designs

When you buy a vape kit, the device will come in a stock design you may be able to choose personally, although there won’t be a lot of choices. You also have to anticipate that since they’re stock designs, they’re similar to what others would already be using. If you want to build a more stylish kit, you can choose to install a wrap for your device. The wrap is usually made from vinyl that works like a sticker. You just apply it onto the surface of your device, instantly making it unique.

The prints on the wraps can be digital images of anything you like, from your favorite basketball star to the most popular K-pop artists of today. Aside from customized ones, there are ready-made prints you can buy such as marbled or tie-dyed styles. You can even buy several prints and change your wrap as often as you want to. It’s also a good gift idea for friends and family who are vape lovers like you.

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Finding A Go-To Vape Shop

A Beginner’s Guide To Building Stylish Vape Kits
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Since you’ll probably be exerting more effort on stylishly building your vape kit, it’s best to find a vape shop that can cater to your customization needs. You shouldn’t go to just any regular vape store—you want one that can help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your device without sacrificing functionality. That being said, the store must be able to recommend different upgrades and modifications that won’t affect the performance of your gear.

Having a vape shop you can rely on especially helps when you’re just a beginner in the world of vaping. They’ll be able to suggest different vape kits that are perfect for your experience level. Moreover, they can assist you in personalizing your device according to your style and preferences.

Can Your Battery Keep Up?

Don’t forget one essential component found in all vape kits: the battery. Obviously, batteries provide the power source for your kit, so without them, your device will be rendered useless. No matter how eye-catching or personalized your device may be, there’s no point in bringing it out if it has a defective battery or isn’t properly charged.

Make sure the device has the type of battery it needs to perform smoothly and efficiently. Most vape kits use rechargeable 18650 batteries, and if you’re not sure what yours has, check the manual or label that the kit came with. To make sure that your battery lasts long and can keep up with your needs, take note of the following tips:

  • Keep your batteries from getting wet.
  • Never store or carry the batteries loosely.
  • Make sure the batteries are always in their case, especially when you need to bring them with you outside.
  • Don’t charge them unattended.
  • Don’t let the batteries be exposed to fire and extreme temperatures (both hot and cold).
  • Never recycle or reuse dead batteries.
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A Beginner’s Guide To Building Stylish Vape Kits
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You need to know how to take care of your vape kit’s batteries properly so they’ll last longer and won’t pose any potential risk such as overheating and even explosions that can cause serious injuries.


Building an amazing vape kit is possible as long as you know the quickest and safest ways to do it. You need a vape shop you can trust, especially if you’ve barely started vaping. You can customize your device to match your style. Aside from the tank itself, you can wrap your vape kit in a personalized design. Doing so would enable you to express your uniqueness in an instant.

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