Looking Good on Zoom/ The Man’s Guide cover

Looking Good on Zoom: The Man’s Guide

As you’re communicating more from home than before, you’ll want to look at your best during video calls. Whether it is a personal Zoom call to flirt with a gorgeous female or a professional meeting to attend virtually, you will want to look your best. But how do you do that, exactly? 

“Touch Up My Appearance” Hack

Did you know that you can improve your appearance using Zoom’s built-in filters? It is called “Touch Up My Appearance” and the intention is to smooth out facial skin tone for an enhanced look.

Looking Good on Zoom: The Man’s Guide

This filter is easy to use by simply checking off a box in the video-conferencing app’s settings area. If you just rolled out of bed or haven’t washed your hair, then consider using the feature to appear more put-together. 

Take a Shower First

Are you thinking to yourself, “Why? They can’t smell me.” That’s true, but this tip is more for you than them. 

When you shower and shave, you’ll feel more energized than if you head straight to the laptop for the morning video call. For the smooth shave you’re looking for, check out this blog post about best razors for men at Shave Spy

This tactic is like getting dressed for a day in the home office rather than staying in your boxers as you work. You’re more likely to be professional when you feel like you’ve put effort into your appearance.

Wash Your Face

No one likes dull skin. Yet, it happens.

If you want to look better, then wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Apply a moisturizer afterward and finish with an eye cream if you’ve got dark circles.

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Looking Good on Zoom: The Man’s Guide

That’s right; skincare is not only for women. Men can also benefit from brighter, youthful-looking skin. Especially when talking with a fascinating woman on Zoom.

Decide What to Wear

The home is a casual place to be, so it likely seems unnatural to dress up there. But when you’re working from home or want to impress someone in your personal life, you must make an extra effort. 

While it’s nice to think that a first impression will be all about your personality, the reality is that people will see you and make assumptions before you say a single word. So, make the first impression a great one.

While a dark blue blazer and white shirt might convey that you are required to wear them, you can add personal touches that show off your sense of style and help you stand out. From the choice of tie to the pocket square, there are many fashionable options for the upper torso. 

Looking Good on Zoom/ The Man’s Guide1

Final Tip: Consider the Lighting

Have you thought about how the light hits you when you’re on the laptop for a Zoom call? Rather than having the window behind you, which will only darken your image, try to face the window instead.

This position will brighten your look. On a related note, also think about your background. Rather than showing a framed sports jersey in the back of you, a white backdrop is probably a better fit for a work call.

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