Stylish Essentials: 7 Classic Menswear Basics Worth Investing In

Stylish Essentials: 7 Classic Menswear Basics Worth Investing In

Fashion trends come and go, but style remains. Once you have the timeless quality pieces that’ll make up the cornerstones of your wardrobe, you can experiment freely by pairing them with trendier, more out-there items – while still keeping the look grounded. This way, you also won’t find yourself cringing when looking at pictures of yourself in future decades, since elements of your outfits are guaranteed to have stood the test of time. Below, you’ll find seven of the most important, basic essentials to own.

Stylish Essentials: 7 Classic Menswear Basics Worth Investing In

Well-Fitting T-Shirts

First off, a good selection of tees in versatile colors like white and black will give you a solid foundation to build an infinite amount of outfits on. Especially the white T-shirt has almost reached cult status at this point as the holy grail of casual fashion. Pair it with jeans and a few well-chosen accessories, and you have a stylish, no-fuss outfit for both day and night. Shop around for a fit and fabric texture that looks and feels great and stick with it.

Quality Shirts

The same principle can be applied to shirts, albeit with a bit more of a formal vibe to them. However, it’s important to remember that it’s all about how you wear them – and with a few quality white dress shirts and light blue Oxfords, you can look suave without overdoing it for pretty much any occasion. Whether you have a business meeting, a formal event or just want to look sharp day-to-day, these will come in handy time and time again.

Tom Ford AW 2023

A Great Suit

Speaking of looking sharp: The transition from cheap, ill-fitting tuxes bought, rented or borrowed last-minute to tailored, quality investment pieces is an important moment in any man’s style journey. Nothing takes the pressure off of attending big, stressful events like knowing you look good – and mixing parts of your suit with more casual pieces is an easy way to add a bit of class to your everyday wardrobe. Remember to look into the different fits and styles of suits – maybe you’re into classic, retro-inspired suits like what Austin Butler’s been sporting, or maybe you’re more of an oversized suit guy – and go for materials like wool or linen for warmer weather.

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A Classic Coat

Next, you’ll also want to avoid the common mistake of covering up your snazzy outfit with a dull, awkward jacket or coat when going from A to B. Sure, there’s a time and a place for more practical outerwear – but even that comes in more versatile versions that won’t look out of place anywhere besides on a fishing trip. If you’re worried about the weather, a classic trench coat is a great option and has definitely stood the test of time at this point.

Stylish Essentials: 7 Classic Menswear Basics Worth Investing In

A Timeless Watch

When it comes to wardrobe basics, too many men fail to see the importance of good accessories. However, a well-chosen selection of timeless add-ons is a vital part of creating outfits that have that special touch – and if they also serve a practical function, even better. See watches for men, for instance: Besides giving you a certain air of class and responsibility, these are also miniature pieces of art that go with any outfit.

D&G x Persol AW 22

A Classic Pair of Sunglasses

Besides watches, another great functional accessory to add to your arsenal is a stylish pair of sunglasses. When it comes to these, you should definitely value quality over quantity. Start out with finding one versatile pair in either black or tortoiseshell, possibly with a bit of subtle metal hardware, which will be a stable for sunny days.

Shoes for Every Occasion

Lastly, terrible shoes are a surefire way to ruin any outfit. So make sure that doesn’t happen by having a stylish choice for every occasion. Classic white sneakers, Chelsea boots or maybe even Dr. Martens for the alternative types are timeless options that can be styled for both day and night. Also make sure to invest in at least one pair of versatile dress shoes or loafers – for when you really need to class it up.

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