7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Designing a Custom T-Shirt

7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Designing a Custom T-Shirt

A nicely designed custom t-shirt can provide a lot of benefits to a business beyond just sales. Companies can use them very effectively as promotional material. They can also be given away to employees and help create a sense of unity among the workers. However, if a custom t-shirt is poorly designed, few people will be interested in wearing it. It could be a significant loss if you ended up ordering the shirts in bulk. There are specific mistakes that will help you ensure you create a custom design that people will want to wear. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when creating a custom t-shirt.

1. Don’t make it too complex.

Everyone can only take in a limited amount of information at one time. It’s important not to make your t-shirt design too complex for people to understand and enjoy. That means not including too many graphics and too much text. Instead, just include relevant information with your design. Be cautious in your color choices, and just keep the graphics as simple as possible. You want to get your brand’s message across quickly without people having to think too much about it. A good way to test your design is to share with a few close friends and family members. If they get the message behind your design in a few seconds, you’ve made it simple enough.

2. Avoid getting too colorful.

Continuing the theme of not making your design too complex, in general, you should avoid using too many colors on your custom tee. Unless you plan to have a rainbow graphic, or you’re absolutely sure it fits your design, it’s best to stick to a few colors. Too many colors can potentially be overwhelming for your audience to look at, and getting all of the different colors printed might be more costly. It’s often the case that the more colors you need a screenprinting company to use to make your design, the more expensive it will be. A good rule of thumb is to only use 1 to 3 colors.

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3. Imbalance of contrast

Contrast can play a significant role in the visual impact of an artwork. The contrast in design means the visual difference between the lighter and darker parts of the image. You don’t necessarily need to have the highest contrast. The more important thing is to have a visually pleasing balance. The balance isn’t just limited to the balance of the main colors, but also a balance of the dominant color, the text, and other factors. For example, if you’ve chosen to have bold colors on your custom t-shirt, you need to have the fonts be of contrasting shades. That will keep the text easily readable and also enhance the appeal of your design.

4. Poor quality of the image

If you’re thinking about using a photo to put on your custom t-shirt design, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to check the resolution of the image. Most web images tend to have a low resolution. While it may look nice on your laptop or phone screen, it’s often not suitable for printing on a t-shirt. To make your design professional-looking, you need to make the images have high resolution, which is around 300 pixels. Anything below that number will make your image blurry and won’t be suitable for printing on your t-shirt. Apply this principle to photographs as well. It would also be good to consider decorating the images you use. Make use of edges or borders to give the image an interesting look. 

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5. Using outdated styles

Just as hairstyles like the mullet are outdated, you don’t want to create a t-shirt design that’s outdated to your audience. They’ll be less interested in wanting to buy and wear your design. It’s a good idea to research what kind of custom t-shirt designs are trending right now. That will help you be more likely to put together a design that’s appealing to your intended audience. See what your competitors are selling, and get some ideas for what kind of style you create for your custom tee. Pay attention to not only the type of shirt that’s popular now, but also the design, colors, and fonts that are currently trending.

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6. Poor fonts

You might not be aware that fonts can say just as much about your company as colors do. There are some styles of font that look more professional, while others look more informal. The choice you use will depend on what you’re specifically going for in your design. If you’re trying to create a design for a corporate event, serif fonts are a good option. If you’re trying to make a design for an event that’s more casual and fun, something a little more creative-looking can work. Beyond considering the style of font, you also have to be mindful of the letter and line spacing. If you plan to use multiple fonts in your design, it’s best not to use more than three.

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7. Choosing the wrong size for your design

It’s typical for most people to go with standard sizing when choosing a size for their custom design. Standard sizing doesn’t work in all cases. You should choose a size based on your design’s nature and the properties that will be printed. Square and circular-shaped designs often look best when they’re sized smaller. You can get an idea of how your print design will look by printing it out on regular paper and holding it up against your shirt. Once you print it on a larger scale in a STS DTF printer, which is on a larger size, you will not have any errors. For smaller items, such as ladies’ and youth t-shirts, you may want to reduce the size print.

Whether you’re selling a custom t-shirt or using it to promote your brand, a good design is essential to make it look nice. Be sure to avoid all of these mistakes when creating your custom t-shirt design. If you want to learn more about custom printing, you can find more information at this link: https://justvisionit.com/

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