Would you like to Meet a Celebrity on a Dating Site? cover

Would you like to Meet a Celebrity on a Dating Site?

We’ll take it upon ourselves and assume that pretty much everyone has dreamt about dating their favorite celebrity or at least meeting them for a cup of coffee. But where do famous and successful people hang out? Between all of the brand deals, shootings, and travelling, it might be hard to catch them in real life. Well, celebrities often struggle with making time for meeting people, which is why many of them turn to dating sites. We can all agree that it is way easier to scroll through dating app profiles than to approach someone in a coffee shop. So, what exactly are your chances of meeting a superstar for a blind date online and what can you do to increase them?

Manage your expectations

        Do not expect that the first dating profile you come across will be of your all-time favorite musician or movie star. While there are chances of you matching with somebody famous, BeNaughty.com reviews suggest that there is a 34% possibility of you meeting a superstar on a dating website. This means that in theory, every third account you come across will be of someone pretty famous. However, there are many factors that you should take into consideration. Your location, account information, and the platform itself are only a few, so do not expect your first match being a world-known personality asking you out for a cup of coffee or a dinner.

Would you like to Meet a Celebrity on a Dating Site?

Explore various sites

        While everyone has already heard of Tinder and probably used it at some point, it would only be logical that all your favorite stars will be on there too, right? Wrong. Nowadays, there are more platforms for meeting people than you might imagine, so do not get too fixed on only one of them. Create accounts on multiple apps and websites available in your area and stick to the ones you enjoy the most. Do not limit your options and minimize your chances when you can do the exact opposite. We also recommend that you check the reviews before registering with any platform to avoid suspicious and untrustworthy websites that do not care about the safety of their users.

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Stand out from the crowd

        There is a reason people say that the first impression lasts, and it also relates to your  account. Luckily for all of us, there are many ways to stand out among other members and hopefully, catch the attention of a star. When choosing pictures, select a variety that showcases your personality and hobbies. If you love travelling, be sure to attach a few photos from your recent trips. Try to avoid group pictures or the ones that don’t show your whole face. Your sunglasses might be extremely cool, but other members will probably want to see your eyes. Also, do not post that picture of you holding a fish you caught on a trip with your buddies three years ago; nobody wants to see it.

        If you struggle with completing an “about me” section, ask your friends for help. There is a chance they know you better than you do. Your account is essentially your celebrity dating CV, so be sure to make it positive while also staying honest. Do not say you go snowboarding every winter if all you do at a resort is take pictures and share drinks with the crew.

Would you like to Meet a Celebrity on a Dating Site?

Know what you want

        When exploring the option of meeting a TV personality on a dating website, think about what exactly you’re looking for. Is it friendship, a romantic relationship, or just a boost to your career? The latter is pretty much always discouraged by successful members, so trying to gain an Instagram follow from a celeb probably won’t work out. However, you should also be open about your intentions. Popular people are usually quite busy, and they do not have time for you to decide what you want. Be open about your intentions and try to build a genuine connection with the person behind the screen. Remember that they are real people, just like all of us, and playing with others’ feelings is never a good idea.

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Do not get discouraged

        If you do not have luck meeting a star within the first few days on a platform, do not get discouraged and delete the account right away. Chances are, busy people do not check their multiple social media accounts every day. More than that, remain open-minded and explore the option of talking to other people. Even if you don’t end up being a star’s partner on the next premier event, you might develop friendships that last. Think of digital dating as the new way to build your network, and do not take it too close to heart. At the end of the day, we all want to meet someone we enjoy spending time with, and it might take some effort.

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Money and fame are just the exterior of every celebrity’s life. Behind all that, they are just regular people who seek real connections, love, and understanding. If you get lucky and match with a star on a dating site, treat them with respect and compassion and you might get a chance to meet them in real life. Regardless of what you’re looking for, remember to be respectful of others’ time and feelings and be clear about your intentions from the get go. Whatever is meant to be will happen, and all you can do is be yourself.

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