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Best Tips to Impress a Girl on a First Date

First dates can be overwhelming, especially if you actually like the girl. And while just being yourself is the best-known way to make a good first impression, sometimes it requires more of a method to overcome your worries.

Trying to find excellent dating advice is challenging, as lots of those found online are stuffed with ridiculous stereotypes like “girls like bright and shiny things” or “girls are all about emotions.” Such an approach implies something like walking your puppy, not going out with a real human being.

As all girls (and boys, to be fair) are different, they all deserve an individual approach. Nonetheless, there are some generally approved things that you can do to impress your date and hope to see them again.

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Come Prepared

It applies to your preparation’s basic level, ensuring you are looking good, and hopefully, you have this done without any reminders. It has nothing to do with picking the most stylish clothes and expecting her to evaluate you by your appearance.

It means that by wearing an appropriate look, fixing your hair, and shaving your face, you will be able to show her that you do care about meeting her, and that is the effort and approach that she will appreciate.

The day before your date, you should subtly remind her that you are looking forward to seeing her, reassure her about the time and place and whether she wants you to pick her up or meet at the agreed location.

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Ask Her Questions

When trying to make a good impression, it is easy to forget about your date and dive into a non-stopping talk about yourself. Nobody will like it, and you do not want her to feel excluded when there are only two of you.

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Make sure you ask and encourage her to tell more about herself, her hobbies, passions, and life priorities – anything you want to know about her. And as good manners require, it is essential to listen to what she’s going to say too. If there is a real “match,” there will be no need to force yourself to maintain the conversation – it will go on naturally.

Let Her Know You’re Listening

It is not about asking her leading questions, but showing that you’ve been listening to her all along and made some points. To do so, you can arrange your date by choosing a place she has mentioned to you earlier, or, conversely, discuss where to go by mentioning her favorite cuisines.

It is just an example, and you will be able to find multiple occasions to let her know you remember your conversations well – if you actually do, of course. Everybody likes it when someone remembers and pays attention to little details about them – it makes them feel heard and appreciated, bringing another plus to your account.

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Do Not Hesitate to Reach Out to Her Right after the Date

It is quite common to wait for several days after the date to reach her again, but what’s the point if you both liked each other? The best thing you can do is not to play any games and wear masks, but to give closure. You can text or call her (whatever works best for you) to make sure she got home safely or just share your thoughts and feelings about that night!

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Tell her you want to meet her again and would like to schedule another date ahead of time, so it will not disrupt any of her plans. Do not force the events, though – make sure you let her speak out, too.

If you have confused feelings about the date or realized that she is not the one, she still deserves some closure. First of all, it is a mature and respectful move towards her. Second of all, it will help avoid any further misunderstandings if you happen to run into each other in the future.

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The way a person ends the communication can tell much more about them than their behavior during the date, so make sure you will not spoil the impression you’ve made that night.


Asking a girl out is already stressful enough, so you want to make sure you do your best on the date itself. Try not to take on all the responsibility and pressure of making a perfect first impression, as it seldom has anything to do with real you. Being honest from the first date is the best start a relationship can have.

Still, being polite and caring is essential. The same goes for giving her the opportunity to talk about herself and being an attentive listener. If you are bothered with doubts about whether you should pay the bill and open every door for her or not, the best way to not make a mistake here is to ask her about it!

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With communication being one of the core fundamentals of every good relationship, attention to details and being mindful of things she shares with you will only show her your interest and effort, increasing the chances of the two of you seeing each other again! 

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