Top 5 Accessories that Can Match Your Style and Profession cover

Top 5 Accessories that Can Match Your Style and Profession

Accessories can ultimately make your outfit look completely unique. Would a Wallstreet white-collar worker look so successful without a leather satchel? Sometimes a small addition to the look can fully transform your appearance. Accessories such as watches, glasses, or bags can be a long-term investment that could permanently define your style and make you feel put together even if you wear them with a simple and dull outfit.

We’ve prepared a list of the top 5 accessories that could match your style and profession to help you find some compelling ideas. Keep on reading to get inspired!


Jewelry can be a delicate accessory used to add some diversity to your outfit or an object stealing the whole attention of the look. You can either buy hip hop jewelry and wear an all-black outfit of the day to emphasize the accessory or choose a plain and simple chain to add some flavor to your style.

The most crucial step before buying your dream precious stones is adjusting them to your skin tone. Suppose you have green veins, brown, hazel, or green eyes, and red, brown, or black hair –  you are likely to have a warm complexion. Try combining gold and gems in earthy colors to make your accessories compose well with your skin. In the case of blue veins, eyes in colder colors, and blond or black hair, you might be an owner of a cool skin tone. Try some silver jewelry bits and look for blue or white gems to complete your look.


Some of us wear glasses because they have to; others would treat this as an accessory. How to find the best pair? Learn more about face shapes to adjust the diverse alternatives. For example, almond-shaped head owners would look best in cat-eyed eyewear as it emphasizes the symmetry of the face. 

Tom Ford Men’s Fall 2020

Another crucial aspect while choosing your dream glasses is your hair. You might want to learn more about hair cutting scissors types and purchase one to experiment with your hair a little. Maybe bangs will positively transform your new image and bring more attention to your new glasses?

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We carry bags out of necessity. Some of us would treat them as long-term investments. Others might want to have a lot of options to choose from and do not really care about the quality. Depending on the purpose of the bag and the frequency of using it – those accessories will lose their value at a different pace. Let’s say you wear smart clothes on an everyday basis and have a corporate job. What would be the best option? Women could choose a leather shopper bag to comfortably carry the laptop around. However, men could look for a satchel for achieving a classy go-to-work outfit.


Scarfs can be used during almost every season (yes, even during the summer for sun protection). Search for silk, linen, or cotton versions – those materials will allow your skin to breathe. You can either wear it in a classy way – wrapped around your neck or experiment a little. You could try putting it around your head; use it as a hair accessory, or even a nice bag addition.

Pants: Kenneth Cole, Shirt: H&M, Vest: Free Press, Sport Coat: H&M, Scarf: Banana Republic, Bracelets: H&M


Berets, hats, or simple beanies can make you look sophisticated and compelling. As this form of accessory is not as popular as it used to be in the late 19th century, maybe it’s time to bring this trend back. Besides the winter months during which most of us wear a winter hat, we are not used to incorporating the top of our head as a part of our outfit.

Boglioli shirt, wool two-piece suit and coat; Pierre Cardin wool hat.

So how can we use headwear to define our look? Let’s talk about hats. All of us can wear them during the summer months for sun protection and to make our outfits look more put together. The most popular choice which could look appealing in almost every style variation is a straw hat. It might sound dull, but men, as well as women, could really spice up their outfits and make them look outstanding. The biggest advantage is that straw hats are breathable. In the case of a huge heatwave, it can be a real lifesaver.

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There are many alternatives to make your outfit look outstanding or simply sophisticated and classy. Treat those purchases as long-term investments and choose accessories that have drawn your attention immediately – in that way, you are more likely to wear them on everyday bases or special occasions. 

Keep in mind that besides liking the product, you also want to choose the right shape of glasses or color of your jewelry, which will compose beautifully with your skin complexion. Stay creative, and don’t hesitate to emphasize your natural beauty using some of the ideas from above. Which accessories would you add to this list?

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