How To Choose Laptop Bags That Match Your Style

How To Choose Laptop Bags That Match Your Style

Buying a laptop is a big investment, and it only makes sense that you must take good care of it. Apart from the hardware and software maintenance of your laptop, you need to make sure that your laptop is well kept since this will help prolong its life. So, to make sure you can store your laptop safely, especially when you travel, you need to buy a laptop bag for your laptop.  

Types Of Laptop Bags 

While you can find bags that are specifically created for laptops these days, you can also opt to choose a different kind of bag and have it repurposed as a laptop bag. Here’s a short list of such bags:

  • Backpacks: This bag is good if you are traveling a long distance as you can distribute the weight of your laptop on both shoulders. It’s also difficult for people to know that you are carrying a laptop in your backpack. 
  • Briefcase: This kind of bag is good for professionals, especially if you opt for a professional leather briefcase. Good ones contain a cell phone pocket feature.  
How To Choose Laptop Bags That Match Your Style
  • Roller-Style bag: This is a wheeled bag and is a good option if you’re always traveling. Some are connected to a cart which can be detached.  
  • Hand-Held Sleeves: This is a bag that you carry in your hand like the Exquisite Slim Leather Laptop Bag from Von Baer. Some of these bags have shoulder straps while others don’t.  

Once you’ve decided on which bag you should get for your laptop, make sure to take note of the following tips before purchasing a particular brand and model:

How To Choose Laptop Bags That Match Your Style

Get A Good Quality Bag 

Your laptop bag needs to withstand the day-to-day risks of handling and carrying the weight of your laptop. Quality zippers should be a priority too. Metal zippers are of better quality than plastic zippers. If the bag comes with padding, especially on the shoulder strap, this is a quality bag as it protects your shoulder and spine from the weight of the laptop.  

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Sometimes, you may accidentally have water splashing on your bag which is a risk to your laptop. Therefore, to protect your laptop from water, buy a bag with a waterproof lining or an all-weather bag. Moreover, a bag with adjustable straps is good for customizing its design to fit your body.  

How To Choose Laptop Bags That Match Your Style

Size Of Your Laptop 

Some bags don’t specify the model and make of a laptop to carry. In such a case, get the size of your laptop to ensure that you get the right size. The best thing you can do is to walk with your laptop to the shop so that you can try to fit your laptop into the bag. You may also read the manufacturer’s description of your laptop and take note of its size so you’ll know what laptop bag size to look for. If you’re not sure what unit or model your laptop is, you can opt to measure it manually instead.

Check For Extra Storage  

It’s good that you get a laptop bag that has separate compartments and pockets where you can keep other accessories like cords, batteries, notebooks, USBs, and a mouse. A bag with this kind of design guards your laptop against scratches and it protects the accessories from the weight of your laptop which can damage them. 

Match Your Lifestyle  

Your laptop bag and any other accompanying accessories must also match your overall style. If you have to attend many meetings and presentations, you may consider buying a stylish tote or briefcase as these can easily complement a formal office look or a suit. 

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A messenger bag is good if you’re going for casual engagements at a coffee shop or somewhere else in town. A messenger laptop bag is mostly used by students as they can carry their laptops, stationery, and papers without having to lean on one side.  

Use a backpack laptop bag if you’re a frequent commuter or biker so you can navigate the streets freely. The extra outer pockets give you convenience when you want to get a notebook, pen, or bill.  

Offers Good Protection  

You need to consider whether your laptop will be left in your office or if you’ll be moving with it for long periods to catch meetings and presentations. A laptop sleeve will give basic protection from scratches, dust, minor bumps, and dirt. But to offer more protection from heat, moisture, and harsh elements, a leather bag might be your best bet.

Get a bag with soft sides and designed with more padding or a semi-rigid compartment to offer extra protection to your laptop. If you’re having long-distance journeys, the best bag for you would be the hard-shell laptop case which gives better protection. Buckles, zippers, and locks are additional security ensuring that your laptop can’t fall from the bag.  


Choosing a laptop bag doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you get a bag that matches your profession, has extra space for accessories, contains durable security features like zippers and locks, and is of good quality, then that’s good to go.  

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