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Men’s Sports Fashion: How to Choose Your Style

Any old T-shirt and shorts will do, right? Wrong. Just because you’re active and play sports doesn’t mean you can ignore how you dress. While most sports have a casual uniform many others seemingly dress to the nines. From tennis to horseback riding, there are countless sports where a polo shirt is used, and being fashionable isn’t ignored. With a few simple tricks you can have the comfort and room to run, jump, and sweat as you please and look good while doing it. The function doesn’t have to take a back seat to form. So without further ado, here is how you can choose your style so you can lead an active lifestyle while looking your best.

Account for the Weather

When hitting the gym we think of comfort because our focus is all on feeling the burn. And, if you’re anything like me, you may avoid public showers and wash up at home. When leaving the gym, make sure to throw on a hoodie or sweatshirt to make sure you don’t catch pneumonia after sweating through your T-shirt. Even a mild breeze can be catastrophic if you’re wet and if you’re laid up in bed with chicken soup and cold medication you can kiss those gains goodbye. If you aren’t into the hoodie and shorts look, consider a tracksuit. They’re fashionable at any age and work year-round. Thermal materials are ideal if you live in freezing climates and they come in various fits. That means you can throw on a pair of loose pants on top of your leggings after an intense leg workout or wear warming leggings under your shorts if you plan on jogging outdoors. Think Rocky during his training montage, running with a ski cap and gloves on. 

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I’m not on a team; I don’t wear a uniform — that’s what we called flawed logic. Every sport has a uniform. Weight lifters use belts, wrist wraps, and bite guards, soccer players wear cleats, and basketball players wear long shorts. And while most of this is functional, the long shorts are because tall guys in hot shorts almost ruined the sport — fashionably at least. Every sport has a distinct look. If you play cricket you need a warm jumper, if you ride horses you need pikeur-clothing, and if you box you need gloves and an overly sized cup. Make sure you wear the correct attire for your sport. Sports uniforms often account for the conditions athletes face while playing their specific sport. Whether it’s aerodynamics or weather protection, the materials used and the design fits are not in the least bit arbitrary. 

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Dress Up for Your Close Up

If you play on any professional level at all, you need something upscale for the media. Whether it’s a full-fledged press conference or a simple post-game scrum, you want to look good. Every professional athlete needs to dress up after their big game. The sweaty, exhausted look just doesn’t have the right cache post-game. Win or lose, nothing is classier than a well-fitted suit on an athletic body. You can be casual pre and mid-match and semi to fully formal post-game. Remember, looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find quality clothing at affordable prices if you search for them. 

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Find the Right Gear

We’ve all seen the guy at the gym with the bleach-stained T-shirt or the guy wearing the stuff you get in free gift bags at lame conferences. While some go for that i-don’t-really-care look, others find it sloppy. You work out so that you can feel your best and look your best. That’s exactly why sportswear companies have designed functional, fashion-forward clothing for every sport out there. Find the brand of your choosing and the right clothing for the sport you play. Whether you need a sweat-wicking material for your marathon run, a competition jacket for horseback riding, or a head guard for boxing training, the sportswear people have thought ahead offering many functional, stylish options. 

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Looking good while staying in shape has never been easier or simpler. Finding your personal style can help you be stylish during your workouts. Even celebrities have started athletic fashion lines, like Will Smith with his Bel-Air line. Michael Jordan piqued sneaker culture with his Air Jordans and the trends will likely never end. Tailor your style to your sport and embrace it’s a distinct look without losing your own personal identity by finding the right gear, varying the wardrobe based on the occasion, and, of course, don’t forget to account for the weather conditions. 

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