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The Backyard Every Man Needs

A homeowner’s backyard is surprisingly easy to customize. Whereas some ideas may require significant investments and professional help, there are also many additions that are simple in terms of cost and effort. The combination of the nature of the backyard, the homeowners’ budget, and the homeowners’ personal preferences strongly influence what can and should be done with a backyard. This article is far from a comprehensive list of ways to make a backyard stand out, but it can serve both as a starting point and a primer for homeowners’ imagination.

Install a Yurt

Homeowners with sufficiently-large backyards and moderate climates can consider building a yurt in their backyards. A yurt can provide multiple uses, including acting as an outdoor living room and a simple guest house. The additional insulation that yurts have make them more weather-appropriate than basic tents.

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Build a Fire Pit

Another option for homeowners with large backyards is to install a fire pit. A fire pit can serve as a warm, comforting gathering place for homeowners and guests, especially if the backyard provides a scenic view. A well-maintained fire pit can also allow for gatherings during cooler months. Outdoor Art Pros have a great selection of fire pits that would be perfect for every man’s preference.

Make a Multi-Purpose Backyard

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Fences around the backyard’s perimeter serve as a good divider between the backyard and outsiders. However, planned usage of decorations and installations can turn a backyard into a multi-purpose area. Grassy areas can provide play space for children or act as a buffer between pools and other gathering areas. Concrete areas are ideal for fire pits and patio furniture.

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Hang a Hammock

Hammocks are a simple and inexpensive addition to many outdoor areas. Virtually any two secure structures will suffice to act as an anchor for the ends of the hammock. Care will need to be taken to ensure that the hammock and its complementary additions – such as throw rugs and pillows – are protected from the weather.

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Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Another option for homeowners in agreeable climates is to build an outdoor kitchen. The concept is simple: surround an outdoor grill with a durable gazebo where people can comfortably cook and eat their meals. The outdoor kitchen is also customizable to fit with a variety of landscapes and social events.

Build a Clubhouse

For homeowners with large backyards, a clubhouse can be a welcome addition. An outdoor clubhouse, when designed and built properly, will allow for the use of more durable and stylish furniture. Adding an outdoor clubhouse also makes for a powerful incentive for taking a staycation or enticing friends and family to visit during their vacations.

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Plant Citrus Trees

There are two benefits to adding citrus trees to a backyard. The obvious advantage is having access to fresh fruit. As an added benefit, many homeowners and their guests will find the combination of colors and scents that the trees provide pleasant.

Set Up Outdoor Games

For homeowners and guests that would rather be active during get-togethers, purchasing and installing outdoor game gear is an option. There are a variety of games from which a homeowner can choose, including croquet, boules, and sand volleyball. Areas where players can rest and refuel – such as an outdoor bar or similar seating area – can enhance the effect of the outdoor game area.

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Transform Sheds into Miniature Houses

One potentially simple upgrade is to use a shed for personal use instead of storage. Depending on the size and location of the shed, its use can be changed from a simple changing room to a fully-fledged guest house. Repurposing sheds for human use instead of storage also gives additional incentive to keep current with the shed’s maintenance and upkeep.

What makes a backyard comforting and compelling for the homeowners depend greatly on the homeowner. What every homeowner should strive to accomplish is having a backyard that allows the homeowner to relax and feel comfortable. Whether that means attracting and pleasing guests or basking in the outdoor atmosphere, a homeowner can turn a backyard into a source of comfort with a bit of imagination, planning, and effort.

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