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All About Finasteride: Definition, Use, And More

There’s one word often taken into account when it comes to hair loss, and it’s “finasteride”. As you consider to purchase finasteride and get finasteride in the UK, here are facts and figures you should understand about this medication, and hair loss. 

Finasteride: What Is It? 

Here is a medication frequently sold under a variety of FDA-approved brand names, and is utilised for the treatment of hair loss. It comes in a tablet form and can be easily taken by mouth, like most tablets and/or pills.

All About Finasteride Hair Loss

Finasteride is, first and foremost, a medication for prostate enlargement. It serves as a blocker, as it is considered a 5ARI or a five-alpha reductase inhibitor. These inhibitors are responsible for shrinking prostate glands that have become abnormally enlarged in a condition referred to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Through finasteride, urine will be able to pass through unimpeded. 

BPH And Hair Loss: How Are They Linked Through Finasteride? 

If finasteride is ingested to normalize the size of the prostate, what does it have to do with hair balding? Both disorders are linked to an overproduction of androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When too much DHT is produced and they attach themselves to cell receptors, the prostate swells. 

But just as it operates in this regard, the same process hinders follicles from remaining the same size. In other words, these receptors shrink hair follicles and may even shorten the cycle of hair growth. 

For this reason, finasteride is trusted for disorders that have to do with blocking DHT-related upshots in one’s body’s androgen imbalance. 

All About Finasteride Hair Loss

How To Take Finasteride 

1. Consultation And Diagnosis

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For #1 on this shortlist, we would like to assume that you have already spoken with your medical physician about finasteride. The purpose of the consultation isn’t only to know about the drug (especially if you have accumulated information about what it is and what it can do) is for you to be diagnosed correctly. 

It is vital to be aware if there are (or if there aren’t, all the better) medications you are currently taking which may either hamper the impact of finasteride or worsen its possible side effects. 

At the same time, you can ask your physician in the event that you have allergies which may also magnify the side effects of the medication.

2. A Tablet A Day

No more, no less. The problem is that people think overdosing will amplify the potency of finasteride. However, it doesn’t work that way. There is no known “antidote” for a finasteride overdose. 

This implies that doubling, tripling, even quadrupling this medication may have dangerous reactions to your body, or that doing so may heighten negative bodily responses. As a matter of fact, there have been experimental observations wherein patients who have ingested excessive amounts of it per day suffered erectile dysfunction and/or ejaculation disorder, a decrease in sex drive, severe rashes, etc. 

All About Finasteride Hair Loss

Although these studies are of isolated cases, it will be wisest to stick to the prescribed dosage. Don’t worry, a table each day is enough to let finasteride work. You simply need to follow through with your treatment. 

Plus, regular consumption of it is suggested. Missed tablets may not hinder it from working completely. But be sure to have a daily reminder of when you should take finasteride.

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    I consumed a tablet every fay sincd three years ago. And I’m so happy with the results. No side effects.

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