Eco-Friendly Fashion Items That Look Good On Guys cover

Eco-Friendly Fashion Items That Look Good On Guys

With the imposing threat of global warming, all of us need to become more ecologically conscious and do our part in taking care of the environment. And there is no better place to start than watching what we wear. Most of the cheap clothing we often choose has a low price because of the materials that cost less to produce. The production of fibers like polyester requires toxic chemicals, which can damage the environment greatly. 

Here are some clothing items and accessories made from sustainable materials that will help you look fashionable.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Items That Look Good On Guys

Eco-Friendly Footwear

Replacing your footwear with more eco-friendly versions is a great place to start. Footwear is often made from rubber, plastic, and real leather. Those materials are almost impossible to recycle, and many animals and ecosystems could be harmed during their production. If you don’t want to wear real leather but still need durable outdoor footwear, you can look up which brands offer combat boots for vegans. These shoes are comfortable, affordable, and not a single animal is harmed during production.

Vegan combat boots for Men

Classic But Timeless: Linen Shirts

You have probably had at least one linen shirt in your closet during your lifetime. Linen is cheap to make and doesn’t require much energy for its production. Most people make the mistake of choosing cotton or polyester instead of linen. The belief that cotton is an environmentally-friendly material is a huge misconception. While growing cotton, even the organic one, many farmers use many different toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Plastic is often involved in the making of polyester, which means that it could seriously harm the ecosystem. Linen is made from flax, and it can easily be recycled into paper.

Linen shirts for men

Jackets Made Out Of Recycled Plastic

Instead of going to the store and buying a winter jacket that was made from freshly produced plastic materials, research which brands make their jackets from recycled plastic. There is no difference in looks or warmth, but the second option is much less harmful to the environment. They are mostly made from plastic bottles, and some of the designs are incredibly fashionable. Your jacket will still be durable and warm, but you can wear it comfortably with the knowledge that you helped in reducing the production of unnecessary plastic, at least in a small way. 

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Swimming Trunks Made From Recycled Polyester

As we previously mentioned, plastic is heavily involved in polyester production. And all of your swimwear is mostly made from polyester or nylon. There are many eco-friendly brands and online stores that offer affordable swimming trunks made from recycled polyester and plastic. Because of their ever-increasing popularity, they can be found in many different colors and designs. As with the jackets, there is no difference in looks and feel.

Swimming Trunks Made From Recycled Polyester

Jumpers Made From Organic Wool

Who doesn’t like wearing a colorful soft jumper during those cold winter days? Unfortunately, most of the woolen jumpers that you can find in your local clothing shops can cause serious damage to the environment. Many sheep farms use dangerous chemicals to treat the wool and feed their sheep with grass sprayed with toxic pesticides. Check if the wool of your jumper is made at the organic farm. They use natural ingredients to nurture their sheep and don’t contaminate the pasture soil with pesticides.

Hemp Hats

Hemp is becoming one of the most popular eco-friendly fibers nowadays. It doesn’t need chemicals to be grown, and it is recyclable. It can be made into many different fibers, like denim or fleece. Regular hats are made of plastic, nylon, and other different materials that are harmful to the environment. Since hemp growing became legal, clothing companies have started experimenting with designs, so there are many options to choose from.

Hemp Hat for Men

Silk Underwear

Silk is one of the more expensive fibers, but it is worth every dime. Instead of going for simple cotton underwear, invest in a few pairs of silk boxer shorts. It is extremely lightweight, so it will provide you with all the necessary comfort. It is also pretty durable, so you won’t have to buy a new pair in a while.

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Ice Silk Briefs for Men

Re-Designing Your Old Clothes

Besides all of the options listed above, you can also go through your closet and find the items you don’t use. Redesigning them is also a form of recycling. Don’t simply throw it away, because it will just cause unnecessary waste. Style them differently, turn them into some other piece of clothing, or even donate them if they are in good condition.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Items That Look Good On Guys

Investing in eco-friendly fashion is one of the best ways to support the green movement. Being environmentally conscious is attractive, and you will have the clothes to show it off. They are a great substitute for cheap, harmful materials, and help a great deal in keeping the environment clean and healthy.

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