Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Menswear Fall 2021 Paris cover


Here we are on the second day at Paris Fashion week and we’re about to see “Basic Antinomie” of MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO Fall 2021 Paris.

“Basic Antinomie”

Antinomie, or antinomy in English is the term used in philosophy of Kant. It refers to the contradiction between two beliefs (thesis and antithesis). The society we live in today is filled with contradiction and paradox. Questions that need to be answered continue to increase. But we have come to understand that we need to take it as a part of the law of nature. People target globalism and speak of it as justice.

“I will not target the harmony. There is the beauty in this act. Discordant beauty. I, a proud creator, will continue to manifest something that no one has yet discovered. Fashion is, after all, only a fleeting dream.”


Together with popular denim items of the brand, we present American casual items such as military, workwear, and classic items that Mihara has an attachment to.

New items for women include leather aprons, and we have created a lineup of items which are individually unique and well-thought-out ideas, with sophisticated patterns and materials.

The forwarded sleeves are eye-catching.

By shifting the armhole slightly forward and increasing the width of the back by that amount, we have realized an oversized silhouette that has never been seen before, both front-wise and back-wise. It is applied for various items such as leather, denim, wool and dow;, oversizing varies depending on the material and item.

We are committed to staying passionate on processing denim and military this season. The essence of the season’s theme is “Basic Antinomie” (two things that are contradictory yet reasonable), hence our focus on this season particular is on the ripping, a completely different item coming out from the inside by tearing only the surface of two different items.

The cut and sew items this season also contain a lot of vintage processing. We create an effect on the printed items similar to the texture of an old printed T-shirt, finished with fine processing such as stains and sunburn marks.

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The reconstructed design, a major feature of MIHARAYASUHIRO, continues for this season. Drawing inspiration from used clothing collected by Mihara, the integrated design that looks like multiple vintage military blouson jackets overlapped in all directions, is a masterpiece. We will continue to develop and present unique reconstructed designs such as outerwear consisted of only sleeves, a military coat made by stringing MA-01 outer, a blouson or a shirt that looks like the pattern was disassembled and reattached, and oddness added to cut and sew items from shifting the pattern.

New, distinct materials are developed for 2021-22 Autumn / Winter.

We propose unusual items made out of denim for both men’s and ladies’ such as blouson jackets, T-shirts, and turtlenecks by introducing our original denim material that shrinks when passed through warm water at a certain temperature.

New shirts with unique patterns for this season will also be available, including a unique ombre inspired by vintage shirts and catchy jacquard shirt fabrics, created from dozens of laundry tags.

Screen play & Animation : TAKAUMI FURUHASHI@WAKE UP
Shooting Director / Edit:TOMOYUKI KUJIRAI@NION
Lighting Director:YUKI MAESHIMA@YAR
Hair & Make up Artist:KENJI TOYOTA@Shiseido
Show production: MICHIO HOSHINA

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