Best Trendy Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men in 2021

Best Trendy Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men in 2021

Are you tired of searching for stylish outfits that follow the latest fashion trends in the industry? – Well if you are one of those people that don’t have the time to go shopping, there is a solution to this problem.

Now you can choose a clothing subscription box that includes a few pieces of apparel that will arrive at your doorstep every month. This means that you no longer have to worry about going to the shopping mall and trying to combine different pieces that will make you look stylish and contemporary.

The best thing is that most of the clothing subscription boxes include carefully hand-picked fashion pieces from fashion designers that will act as a huge makeover for your wardrobe.

Enough talk, let’s focus on some of the best clothing subscription boxes to go for in 2021.

1. Gentlemen’s Box

Best Trendy Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men in 2021

This is a unique subscription box for men that are looking to upgrade their wardrobe with smart clothing pieces and accessories. This subscription box will offer you up to six fashion clothes and accessories like socks, shirts, ties, watches, cuff links, and more.

The best thing about Gentlemen’s box is that with each package you receive, all products will match the theme of your outfit. For example, you’ll receive a matching tie and socks, that will make your outfit pop.

This subscription box starts at $29 and each month they include some sort of surprise product to be excited about.

2. ThreadLab

Best Trendy Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men in 2021

ThreadLab is a subscription box that focuses on providing you with sustainable clothing items that can be worn every day. They also focus on educating you about eco-friendly apparel, which is their primary base of all the products you’ll receive. This company ships all products directly from their eco-friendly partners in order to reduce carbon emissions.

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From the start, you are given a quiz with a few questions that will help them determine your style and clothing pieces that you’ll love. They feature casual, basic, and contemporary clothing that you’ll definitely love.

When it comes to the price, ThreadLab is a bit more expensive than other subscription boxes coming at $99 per month for the starting kit, but you do get a lot of clothing pieces.

3. FreshCleanTees

Best Trendy Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men in 2021

As we mentioned before, there are many reasons why people purchase a subscription box. One is for upgrading their style, and the other reason is for having a constant restock on their most worn outfits.

Since most of us wear t-shirts every day, it is easy to forget to buy new ones and keep your wardrobe fresh. That is where the FreshCleenTees subscription box comes in handy.

They offer basic t-shirts that are made from high-quality materials and fairly cheap. All of the t-shirts come with a basic no-print design that can be combined with casual apparel for staying home, or smart casual for going out.

The best thing about FreshCleanTees is the exceptional material quality on all products. The t-shirts won’t shrink or lose their color even after many washes.

 FreshCleenTees offer a basic subscription box that starts at $44 for 3 packs of t-shirts, and you can optimize the frequency of the shipment by choosing a subscription plan for 1, 2, or 3 months. Check out the selection of men’s crew necks by Fresh Clean Tees and get started.

4. Stitch Fix

Best Trendy Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men in 2021

This is a subscription box that focuses on everyday essentials for men. You can receive anything from casual t-shirts or tailored suits and even boots that will help you add a bit of flavor to your wardrobe. The best thing about Stitch fix is their customizable subscription plan options. You can choose the price range that you are most comfortable working with as well as schedule deliveries for the best time that works for you.

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Stitch Fix works rather differently than most subscription boxes. You can keep the items you like, and return what you don’t. The starting cost for a subscription box is around $55 depending on the items you choose.

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