Fun and Easy Ideas for Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts

Fun and Easy Ideas for Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts

Being asked to be part of a wedding party is an honor for most friends and family, but it also presents major commitments of both time and money on the part of bridesmaids and groomsmen. To thank these special people for their role in your wedding, consider putting together a small gift basket for members of your wedding party.

Little Bit of Bling

While chances are your bridesmaids won’t find an occasion to wear their dresses again, a simple piece of jewelry given as part of their ensemble is something that can commemorate their role in your big day. Sites like My Gift Stop offer hundreds of styles, allowing you to give each bridesmaid a piece that is unique to them while keeping with your color scheme. 

Fun and Easy Ideas for Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts

If you’re having a destination or theme wedding, jewelry can be a beautiful and subtle way to incorporate symbols of that destination or elements of the theme into your bridesmaids’ wardrobes.

Class It Up

Accessories are not just for bridesmaids; think about coordinated sets of cuff links, tie bars, or pocket squares for your groomsmen as well. Most groomsmen rent their tuxedo or suit for weddings, so this gift gives them something to take home to remember the day by. These gifts are also something they can use for years to come at future formal events.

Black Tie Event
Black Tie Event

Future So Bright

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, there’s a chance you’ll be running into serious sunshine. To keep your wedding party comfortable but also guarantee a consistent look for everyone, you could give your bridesmaids and groomsmen each a pair of stylish sunglasses.

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Mark the Time

High-end watches are perfect gifts for groomsmen. They are another way to help coordinate the look of the wedding party, and a quality timepiece is a gift they’ll use time and time again after the wedding. Depending on the model purchased, this can be a more expensive option for gifting, so reserving it for your best man and offering a different gift for other groomsmen may be appropriate.

Tom Ford Men’s Fall 2019

Write It All Down

If your wedding party is taking on a significant role in the planning of pre-wedding festivities like bridal showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties, a journal is a gift that is both thoughtful and practical. It can be used for recording ideas for and details of upcoming events, as well as writing down precious memories made along the way. 

Choose journals made from quality materials like leather or unique materials like wood, and see if customization like embossing the journal with your party members’ initials or the date of the wedding is available. Pairing the journal with stationery supplies like colored pens, washi tape, or fun stickers as well as instructions on bullet journaling can elevate this present. 

Raise a Toast

Hip flasks may not be as widely used as they once were, but they make for an unexpected and truly special gift for your groomsmen. They come in a range of sizes and styles, and many companies offer options for custom engraving so you can add your groomsmen’s names to their flasks.

Take Flight

two person carrying duffel and backpack.
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If you’re having a destination wedding, a carry-on bag could be a great gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Duffel-style bags offer a more affordable option than a traditional wheeled suitcase and could be used as an everyday bag after the wedding. With many different companies carrying hundreds of different styles, this is a gift that you can really personalize for each member of your wedding party, especially if you take advantage of monogramming opportunities.

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Sugar Rush

Few people would turn up their noses at a well-stocked basket of treats. Cocktail-inspired candies, decadent chocolates, custom decorated cookies, or cake pop bouquets are perfect gifts either on or before the wedding day. Reach out to local bakeries or confectionaries about packages they may offer or curate your packs of sweets yourself.

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Having your friends and family beside you as you say “I do” is an immensely important part of your wedding day. Acknowledge how grateful you are for their presence with simple and thoughtful gifts. There are so many options available that you should have no problem finding presents that your style and budget.

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