How to Expand Your Wardrobe Easily

How to Expand Your Wardrobe Easily

Everyone wants to be fashionable and well dressed for the occasion, whatever it may be. Sure, some people are rebellious when it comes to sharp dressing and will purposely disobey what the rules apply, but will still want to look good or cool while doing that. Whatever the situation – you need clothes to choose from. 

How to Expand Your Wardrobe Easily

Getting a new piece of clothing is not always easy. Surrounded with a huge selection of good quality brands today makes the moment of choosing only one or two pieces a dilemma. Which one to get? Will it be too much? How will it fit with my other clothing, my usual combinations? Don’t panic, with a bit of thinking ahead, and knowing a few principles of building a good wardrobe you can easily expand your existing one with pieces that will fit right in and will be a pleasure to show off and use on many occasions.

Out With The Old, In With The New

We’ve come a long way since clothing used to be completely made by hand, and it was usually painstakingly taken care of and recycled and patched up until it ended up as rags in the end. Today we’re faced with another problem – making and discarding too many pieces of clothing too quickly! Apart from it being an ecological problem, it makes our relation towards clothing sometimes too relaxed. 

How to Expand Your Wardrobe Easily

The answer is somewhere in the middle. Knowing when a piece of clothing is too old or worn-out is important as it should be discarded, but it is also important to know what to get so it doesn’t get thrown away too soon but can become old and worn out one day. At https://threadcurve.com/ they offer a series of lengthy guides that can help you choose such good clothing, as a well-thought-out and good quality piece will surely serve you for many years. 

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Combining Colors

One of the easiest ways to expand your collection is adding to your color palette, or filling up missing combinations. A well-displayed wardrobe, with neatly arranged clothes by color, is not only a lot easier to manage but is also a showpiece for visitors as it looks very attractive. 

How to Expand Your Wardrobe Easily

If, for example, you are not sure what is the next piece of clothing you should get, look at your wardrobe and see what color is missing. You have three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. They are very distinct and bold if used on their own, but when combined they give secondary colors that can be used for a more complex and soothing look: purple, green, and orange. Refer to the color wheel if you’re not sure how their combinations would look like.

Retro is New Again

The return of “old-fashion” is not a new thing, we’ve seen trends revive from time to time, but today it seems like it is the main topic of every major fashion magazine. The hipster movement and look gave it the most publicity and after decades of being completely out of fashion, we now see suspenders, knitted scarfs, and three-piece suits on a lot of young people again. 

If you’re lucky enough you will have a chance to raid through your grandparent’s wardrobe and see what dusty piece of fashion is still wearable. Old clothes should be sent to the dry cleaners first if they are to be put next to new ones in another wardrobe, but apart from that, they can be very useful as an addition to your attire. Flea markets are also a good source for something like that, but larger fashion companies tend to make them new today, considering the rising demand for them. 

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The Worker’s Choice

Lest we not forget the working men and women. We tend to think of our wardrobe only as apparel for leisure or showing off, while in reality, you may as well dedicate an entire section of it to good quality work clothes. 

Office workers and most people that have a white-collar job will need proper suits for their working environment, sometimes even at least a different one for every working day in the week, while the blue-collar workers need adequate protective clothing, especially high-quality shoes and boots! But even if you are a work-from-home freelancer you still need something proper to wear for online meetings.

How to Expand Your Wardrobe Easily

In the end, expanding your wardrobe is usually not a necessity but a joy. Having the freedom of expressing yourself with a large variety of outfits that you already picked to your liking is a wonderful feeling, and people who look after their looks tend to be happier and more motivated for whatever task they have before them during the day.

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