Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain cover

5 Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain

Gold will always be a trend in style for men. Strong gold jewelry is a thing that you will surely appreciate forever, even for how many years. Thus, before you decide to buy it, it is important to educate yourself first on numerous recommendations of gold accessible in the market. 

A gold chain is quite possibly the most well-known way that gold is utilized in adornments. In any case, most men wrongly think that a gold chain is a basic one-decision thing that you can buy anywhere. 

Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain

Gold chains come in different styles and lengths, and it tends to be a serious test to pick one. Whether it is utilized to hold a pendant or be worn as a short-chain around your neck, men should always consider these five tips when you chase the ideal gold chain for you.

Know the type of Gold Chain you want

There are various kinds of chains that work for several purposes and styles. A few chains have a manly look, while others are very ladylike. Some can withstand everyday wear, and others add jewelry such as pendants wherein these pendants make the ideal accessory.

Knowing why you’re purchasing the chain will help you buy the right type. An example of the gold chains’ primary kind is the ball chain, box chain, link chain, anchor chain, rope chain, snake chain and some more variety you can find on physical and online stores. 

Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain

The purity of the gold

This is perhaps the main component men should always consider when shopping for gold chains or some other piece of gold gems. 

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Gold in its stable structure is very delicate and moldable and can be twisted and effectively marked when a modest quantity of power is applied to it, so it’s vital to know the strength of the gold chain you will buy. 

The quality of gold is estimated depending on karats. For instance, 24-carat gold is 100% gold, and 14-carat gold is 58.5% pure gold. To put it plainly, the higher the carat, the more significant, worthy, and costly golds are.

Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain

Chain thickness

Men’s gold chains can differ in thickness considerably. You can discover anything from 1mm wide gold accessories for men to 21mm wide weighty chains. The width and length of a chain normally go inseparably, as it would look absurd if they are not balanced in size.

As it may, the width is considerably more significant than the length with regards to nuance and articulation. Regardless of whether you keep your chain under your shirt, if it’s too wide, it will, in any case, be recognizable and draw recognition.

Thick gold chains for men more than 12mm wide are commonly considered attractive and noteworthy, while chains having a width of 1-6mm are more close to home and frequently intended to be infrequently seen. 

Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain

Pick the length of your chain

It might seem like a filthy joke, however size matters in accessories. You would prefer not to be gagged to death by your jewels since it’s too short nor manage disarray of tangles since it’s excessively long. Chains going from 14 to 22 inches are the most widely recognized for ordinary wear. 

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More limited chains are useful for day and night use and are more agreeable to wear while you are at rest. However, it isn’t wise to wear your gold chain when you rest since it can cause rest blemishes on your skin, and there is the chance of harming the gold by twisting or gouging it. Something else you need to maintain a calculated distance from with short chains is getting choked. 

Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain

Longer chains are best for outdoor wear and other parties. They disrupt the general flow more than short chains do and consequently are best for uncommon events or when you are taking off.

Evaluate the quality of your gold

Since gold is an exceptionally sought-after metal, there will consistently be individuals out there who will attempt to sell you with a fake one. The way to outmaneuver them is to know this information and not fall for these snares.

Some simple techniques to perform if a gold chain is genuine or counterfeit are finding the hallmark of that gold chain, conducting a porcelain test, checking if the product is magnetic, and performing an acid test. 

Tips that Men Should Consider in Buying a Gold Chain

Doing these will surely help you see and assess a gold chain’s quality that you want to buy.


Who doesn’t cherish gold adornments? A sparkling and lavish piece of gold gems is pleasant to the eye and makes for an incredible adornment for both men and women. Be it a wedding, commemoration, or some other family occasions, those stylish gold adornments are enough to make heads turn. Remember these five tips, and you won’t ever turn out badly while purchasing gold accessories.

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