How to Write Argumentative Fashion Essays at College

How to Write Argumentative Fashion Essays at College

Even though it might be hard to believe, essays are one of the most common writing tasks at fashion school.

This type of assignment can help students learn more about the fashion industry and expand their outlook. The question is how to write an excellent paper to get a high grade. Keep reading the article to find it out!

Argumentative essay definition 

Before you learn how to create an argumentative fashion essay, you must be aware of its definition. 

The goal of an argumentative piece of writing is to take a stance on an issue and persuade the reader in a particular point of view. It’s aimed to help the reader deeply understand a certain perspective and accept it. This can be reached through reasoning and providing evidence. An argumentative essay must contain a lot of supporting facts that back your opinion up. 

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Writing a perfect essay outline 

To outline your paper, you need to follow just a few steps. Since a good essay must have a clear straightforward structure, you should create an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion one by one. You can find out how to do it in the best way by checking free essay samples, examples and templates at some of the best writing platforms available online. You will see what information to add to your paper at each of the fourth stages and how to make your writing well-structured. 

Note that the first paragraph of your essay must not only communicate the topic but also provide some background information necessary to understand your argument. You should also outline the evidence and state your thesis in this part of your paper. Importantly, your thesis statement must concisely sum up your main point, so think well while formulating it. 

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Typically, an argumentative essay involves three paragraphs explaining why the writer supports the thesis. Each of them covers a different idea with a piece of evidence. It also contains research data, citations, studies, statistics, and examples that back up your claim. You can also address opposing points of view in the body and disprove them. For sure, if you present contradictory facts and consider a topic from another perspective, your work will look more credible and trustworthy. 

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Once you’ve done with the body, you can move on to conclusion. It’s usually only one paragraph that restates your thesis given at the very beginning and summarizes all of the arguments mentioned before. It’s crucial not to introduce new facts or arguments in your conclusion, but to appeal to the reader’s emotions. 

Types of argument claims in free essay examples

To present your argument, you should be aware of the main types of claims that can be used in a persuasive essay. They are the following: Aristotelian, Rogerian, and Toulmin. You can choose one of them or combine a few types. To adopt an Aristotelian strategy, you need to present the main argument first, then to state your opinion, and try to convince the reader why your opinion is right. According to the writing experts from Eduzaurus, this statement is the most popular one because it’s probably the easiest one to follow as it outlines facts concisely and clearly.  It can persuade the readers when they don’t know much about the topic or don’t have a strong opinion about it.

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When using a Rogerian approach, you should first present the problem, then acknowledge the opposing views, state your personal opinion, and explain why it is the most beneficial one. This type of argument is considered suitable for contradictory topics, as it takes into account both sides. 

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A Toulmin argument is built when you present your claim, add evidence that backs it up, and explain how it is linked to the claim. This approach is also effective for polarizing topics to present mainly one of its sides. 

Some final tips on writing about fashion 

While writing an essay, it’s important to make your piece original and present an extraordinary point of view. Try not to follow the crowd, instead, be creative if you want to make your reader truly engaged. 

To create an excellent piece of work, don’t limit yourself to reading only fashion blogs and magazines. Pay special attention to fiction and non-fiction literature in order to learn how to formulate your thoughts and think outside the box.

You can also mention your personal experience if possible. This can be anything, from your attitude to certain brands to personal life stories related to the fashion industry. Note that identifying your personality in an essay can add you extra points. 

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