Top Ways To Nurture Your Acne-prone Skin

Top Ways To Nurture Your Acne-prone Skin

Skincare is important for every one of us. It is especially vital for those with skin disorders such as acne. Acne is a skin condition that affects many people around the globe. It involves having spots and pimples on your skin.

It is very difficult to know exactly what works when it comes to skincare. There are so many messages and advertisements out there that make things very confusing.

However, there is time tested ways for you to nurture your acne-prone skin such as:

Washing Your Face

The first way is the easiest and simplest which is washing your face. If you have skin that is prone to acne, then you should wash your face at least twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. Cleaning your face is the most essential part of your skincare routine if you have acne-prone skin. The cleaning should be gently done with soap and water. It is best to use soaps without many additional chemicals that will be easy on your face. Rinse your face and dry with a microfiber towel thereafter for the best results.

Top Ways To Nurture Your Acne-prone Skin

Use Cleansers

Though water is a natural cleanser, some cleaners are specifically meant for the skin. However, there are so many varieties of cleansers in a typical drug or beauty store that choosing one is a daring challenge.

You should choose the simplest and plainest cleansers you can find. Fancier is not always better when it comes to cleansers. Moreover, it is disappointing to spend a lot of money on a facial cleanser only for it not to work. A mild cleanser will do just fine and will help with your acne as well as save you some money. The key is to use the cleanser consistently.

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One of the main causes of acne is dry skin. Unfortunately, many people don’t hydrate enough to ensure that their skin has enough water. The solution is to apply a moisturizer. The best moisturizers are the non comedogenic types which means that they will not block your pores hence will give you better results than other moisturizers.

Top Ways To Nurture Your Acne-prone Skin
Man washing his face with water in bathroom at home

A moisturizer will cause the glands in your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the dry skin. Light moisturizers will not leave your skin feeling heavy or greasy like other moisturizers. However, heavier moisturizers can be used in winter because cold air can leave your skin dry and tight.


Another cause that leads to acne is excess dead skin cells accumulating on the skin. You should unclog your pores to prevent skin breakouts that lead to acne. These dead skin cells will also make your skin look old and dull. Therefore, you should exfoliate which means removing the dead skin cells from the body.

Top Ways To Nurture Your Acne-prone Skin

There are several methods that you can use to exfoliate. You can use an acrylic mask, a glycolic mask or a motorized facial brush. You should exfoliate once or twice a week if you are using chemical exfoliates. Three or four times a week is fine for physical exfoliation. Too much will also have adverse effects.


One element of skincare that is often ignored is sleep which might just be the most important way to protect your acne-prone skin. It is estimated that about 65% of all sleep-deprived people have some skin disorder. Acne is the most popular among these skin disorders.

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Therefore, if you want to take better care of your skin and prevent acne, you should be getting enough sleep every night. Everyone needs a different number of hours but eight hours of sleep is considered to be standard.

Man Sleeping

It is not only about the length of sleep but also the quality. Ensure that your bedroom is ideally prepared to help you get a good night’s sleep.


The food you eat has a significant impact on the health of your skin just as with any other organ in the body. Therefore, if you want to prevent acne, you should eat a diet that is nutritious and promotes the health of your skin. Foods with a high glycemic index, in particular, have been found to cause and exacerbate acne. These will include foods that contain a lot of sugar which is many processed foods. Moreover, you should refrain from negative lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. They have a devastating effect on your skin.

Top Ways To Nurture Your Acne-prone Skin

Acne is a common skin condition that can largely be avoided. The above are the top but by no means the only ways to nurture your acne-prone skin. If you can follow them, you should have a very low chance of developing acne.

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