Why Men Wanted to Wear Skirts

“Very Comfortable”: Why Men Wanted to Wear Skirts

For men who, during the period of constant quarantine, are accustomed to the convenience of home trousers and pajamas, playing the best Canadian online casino, designers suggest changing into skirts. This wardrobe item is still considered female in Europe and America, but in Asia, it is actively used by men.

Will skirts become a part of a man’s wardrobe, like pants – a part of a woman’s?

Skirts Continue to Infiltrate Men’s Wardrobe

This season, skirts he appeared in the fall-winter collections of brands Stefan Cooke, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Burberry, and MSFTSrep Jaden Smith, in long skirts are rappers Post Malone and Bad Bunny, as well as the singer Yungblud.

US Vogue December 2020 : Harry Styles by Tyler Mitchell

Back in November 2020, Harry Styles posed in crinoline for the cover of American Vogue, taking over from the cult musicians – David Bowie, who was wearing a dress on the cover of The Man Who Sold the World, Mick Jagger, and Kanye West, who wore a Givenchy leather skirt. 

Fashion analysts see this trend as a trail of emancipation and exemption from dress code in favor of the convenience and self-expression associated with the pandemic. “I want to declare freedom of expression,” Burberry fashion designer Riccardo Tisci told reporters in February when he unveiled his menswear collection, which included pleated skirts and shirt dresses.

Not Everywhere It Is Considered Extravagant

An extravagant wardrobe item in Europe and the USA, in Southeast Asia, however, is not considered so. Many men in India and Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, as well as Bangladesh and Nepal, wear so-called lungs – a piece of fabric of varying lengths that is wrapped around the hips. Fans of this traditional garment have their own Instagram account, where athletic-looking, muscular men post their photos in lounges of different lengths and colors. They manage to ride a motorcycle in them, work and rest.

“It’s sad that so many men are afraid to appear effeminate. It is sad that it is socially unacceptable for men to experiment with fashion in the same way women do, “The Guardian columnist Arva Mahdavi summed up in 2019, which GQ announced as” the year men will start wearing skirts. “

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“Masculinity is a straitjacket: it is high time for men to get rid of it,” Mahdavi said.

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