Male Products and Fashion Ideas

Male Products and Fashion Ideas

Are you looking for the hottest new clothing and accessory trends in male fashion this year? To differentiate your style from the overused fashion fads and to start to add future classics to your wardrobe, keep reading. 

In this guide, we’ll go over some awesome ideas when it comes to fashion for men. Keep reading to get insights on the products and styles you’ll want to stock up on this year. 

Smart Stripes

Stripes are a classic fashion pattern and there is no doubt that they are here to stay. However, there are so many ways that stripes can be done, so it’s best to know what’s in style so that you can do stripes right this year. A fresh take on vintage styles this year is wearing verticle stripes. 

This is a great way to experiment with this print in a way that is subtle and refined. Additionally, verticle stripes, unlike horizontal ones, allow for a slimming illusion, allowing the wearer to look longer and leaner. Styles that have stripes of varying width can be another great bonus to this look. 

Classic stripes or seersucker are great options for someone going for a timeless look. 

Lightweight Layering 

A great way to make an outfit look more sophisticated is to add layers. However, in the warmer spring and summer months, you may find that it can be hard to do so. This is where lightweight layering comes in. 

Lightweight jackets and overshirts can be a great way to add some layers to your graphic or plain tees. They can also work well over polos and other summer-ready tops. If it gets too warm, you can remove them, tieing them around your shoulders or waist so that the appearance is there without the sweat. 

Fun With Florals 

Florals can be anything but feminine when done right in a man’s outfit. The floral print is a nod to the 70s and it can be a great addition to a summer outfit. Bold florals can be done on swim trunks or button-down tees for a breezy summer look. 

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You can choose to wear colorful florals for a pop of color, or more muted and monotone ones. However, keep an outfit limited to one floral piece per look. This look can be overwhelming if it’s not paired with calming shades and neutrals. 

Bermuda is Back 

The Bermuda short style is back for summer, and it can be a great look when done right. The trick with Bermuda shorts is that you have to make sure you get the length right. Try to find a pair that hit just an inch or two above the kneecap. 

Additionally, tailored shorts tend to give this style a slimming look. These shorts can be great when done in swim shorts, as you can wear them with tee shirts and boat shoes when you are having beachside days. Additionally, you can get them in lightweight styles that aren’t meant for swimming, which can be great for any daytime adventure. 

Tackle the Tailoring 

For flattering menswear, tailoring is everything, especially when it comes to suits and other event wear. The key is to know what kind of tailoring works for your body type and to also be in the know of what tailor style is trending. For 2021, we are seeing that relaxed tailoring is going to be extremely popular on the runway and for street style. 

This breezy silhouette exhibits both elegance and ease, which will likely be more popular than slim-fitting cuts. It’s a resurgence of the suit tailor style of the 80s and 90s and while it may not be everyone’s favorite style, it can look awesome when executed well. For this reason, you will want to make sure you get your suits professionally tailored, bringing inspiration for the fit you desire to help you tailor nail the look. 

Go Nautical 

The retro nautical look is having a resurgence, and we’re all about it. The peacoat is one of the most popular pieces we’ve been seeing as outerwear for men. Other styles, such as fishermen beanies, Brenton shirts, and other nautical staples can be great for spring and summer. 

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This is a unique take on the workwear or utility fashion trend that is here to stay. While you don’t want to go nautical from head to toe, adding some key pieces can help to pull this look together for an effortlessly cool look. 

Denim Days

While dark wash denim can be great in the colder months, it can become much too hot and uncomfortable for days in the sunshine. For this reason, mid-wash and light denim are a must for still being able to rock jeans in spring and summer. Additionally, denim can go with nearly every look and is great for rocking breezy button-downs for laid-back evening dinners and bonfires. 

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Male Fashion: Style and Product Ideas That Are Trending This Year 

If you are in need of some male fashion advice this year, grab some of the awesome style and product ideas in this helpful guide. Make sure you are rocking looks you love this year by staying up to date on popular new trends.

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